Vivaia sells footwear made from recycled materials. They are therefore eco-friendly. Sign up for the website to receive a $15 discount, as well as up to 50% off and $10.00 off PayPal payments within the United States.

Did you know that Vivaia shoes are exported from China/Hong Kong. Would you like to find out more about’s authenticity? Let’s look at the website in this Vivaia Shoes Review.

Brief:, a commercial website that sells shoes and accessories for men and women, is a real one. Viva recycles plastic bottles to make stylish, comfortable and durable footwear.

Vivaia’s mission is to make better shoes with high quality and eco-friendly materials that are also recyclable. Viva aims at providing high-end, fashion-forward footwear at affordable prices. Vivaia is a seller:

  1. Flats,
  2. Heels,
  3. Loafers,
  4. Sandals,
  5. Mules,
  6. Sneakers,
  7. Boots
  8. Accessory


  • Buy footwear at:
  • Social media Links Included for Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Price: between $89.00 and $189.00
  • Customer Reviews and blogs –presented on Vivaia. accounted to verify Are Vivaia Shoes Legal?
  • Physical Address: Stroud International Co Ltd,Chase business center#3-41,chase side,London,UK-N145BP; found to be genuine.
  • Terms & Conditions: clearly explained on Vivaia.
  • Privacy policy: clearly explained on Vivaia.
  • Phone number (or) Whatsapp number:not available on Vivaia
  • Store locator not featured on Vivaia
  • FAQ and Help: available on Vivaia.
  • Delivery Policy:footwear will be delivered within 2-15 days depending on where you are located.
  • Shipping Policy Vivia takes 2-3 days for processing. Shipping fee to China is $9.90, and $12.99 to outside China.
  • Cancellation Policy: unspecified by Vivaia.
  • TrackingVivaia will send you an email with tracking information. Tracking information for Vivaia orders is available at
  • Return PolicyVivaia accepts returns in under 30 days
  • Vivaia Shoes Review Restocking Fee: not specified at Vivaia
  • Policy on Refunds: PayPal payments will be refunded within 3 days and credit card payments within 7-14 days.
  • Email Address:[email protected]. This is a business account.
  • Mode of Payment: via PayPal,AfterPay,Kalnar in 39 global currencies.
  • Newsletters Vivaia publishes regular newsletters.


  • Vivaia offers free shipping for orders over $99.99
  • has more than 60 sizes of footwear
  • The shoes are washable, durable and comfortable for wide feet.
  • Vivaia contains detailed product descriptions, images, and specifications.


  • Poor user interface with no sorting or filtering options
  • The size specified may not be available. Vivaia Shoes Review sizes are determined by EU standards
  • is located on a server that hosts other high-risk websites

Is Vivaia Legit?

  • Vivaia Creation: 7th Juni 2000 at 12:52:30. Long time existence.
  • Vivaia age: twenty two years, two months, and twenty eight years.
  • Via Last update: 1 July 2022 at 11.44:57. This indicates that the business is active.
  • Vivaia End: 7th Juni 2026 at 12.002:30. Long-life expectancy.
  • Life expectancy for : expires in three years, nine and two days.
  • Trust Score Vivaia received a low 26% trust ranking.
  • Business RankingVivaia has achieved an above-average ranking of businesses.
  • Domain Authority Score24.
  • Origin:Vivaia has been registered in a high risk country China.
  • SSL Statusits IP is a valid SSL certificate for the next 13-days.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 18%.
  • Status Blacklisting: Vivaia has not been blacklisted.
  • Contact person at Vivaia:unspecified
  • Connection Security: Vivaia transmits data over a secured HTTPS connection.
  • Social relationships: @vivaia_official can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest with over 796,687 following.
  • Contact information and identity for the owner of Vivaia:Marina Chen.

Customers Vivaia Shoes Review 

Positive reviews about have been posted on YouTube and other video sites. has a fantastic Alexa rank of 97,228. More than 60 reviews of have been positive. All product reviews on have been positive and are rated at least 4.8/5 stars.

46 customer reviews rated higher than 4.7/5 stars. 78% of the 981 Trustpilot reviews rated as 4.1/5 stars. 18 reviews from shopping sites have rated at 3.9/5 stars.

Around 22% of negative reviews on vivaia mention poor customer service, wrong sizes delivered, difficulties in returns, exchanges and refunds.


You can find more positive reviews online. The website is recommended for experienced internet users due to its low trust score, average ranking of businesses, and registration in high-risk countries.