This Versstore Reviews research informs buyers of the legitimacy. You can find out if this is a scam by looking at the details.

Do you need a broad selection of shoes to match your style? Versstore can help. This shop is located in the United States and has a huge selection of footwear. Any type of shoe can be purchased, new or old. This Versstore Reviews article will inform readers about permissibility, reliability, and other important information.

Therefore, we encourage our readers to read this post before making a final decision.

Summary of Versstore

Versstore shop sells footwear online. There are many jewelry collections that you can choose from, as well as footwear. It appears to be a multi-purpose location where buyers can find all they need in one store. Let’s look at their collection.

  • Takuhi Flat
  • Mules
  • Melly Lace Up Heels
  • Jean Boots in High Heel
  • Peyton Slingback Heels
  • Tan Leopard Sneakers
  • Sandals with Low Slip-On
  • Low Ankle Strap Heel
  • World’s Apart Headband
  • Wired Choker

Are Versstore’s Legit This is why people are asking this question. Many customers now know about online scams and hacking. Scammers continue to find new ways of fooling the public. Online sources make it easy to hack bank accounts or steal other people’s personal information. But most consumers now know their methods and tricks. This article will give you practical and useful guidance.


  • Purchase boots from
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Information regarding the telephone number and geographic location is not available.
  • We did not find any Versstore reviews of any item. Versstore was not reviewed online.
  • Return policy: Buyers have a 30-day grace period to return their goods.
  • Policy for Refunds : You can get a full refund within 72 hours after your request has been processed
  • Shipping policy
  • No Exchange Policy You can return the item for a full refund.
  • Payment options: Diners Club International PayPal Visa American Express MasterCard

Positive Highlights

  • Email is allowed.
  • HTTPS is being detected

Negative Highlights

  • It is not possible to find the owner’s phone number, location or phone number.
  • The feedback from the customer is not received.
  • Social media connections are not established.

Versstore is Legit ?

Versstore Shop is multi-purpose and allows buyers to shop a wide variety of footwear as well as jewelry. However, safety is paramount. Before buying, ensure you have checked all safety requirements. We share some helpful information about Versstore.

  • Website Register. Versstore was founded on December 3, 2021. The shop can last for 4 months.
  • Versstore shop was registered under LLC.
  • Trust Score Versstore shop received a 2 percent trust factor. This indicates that the shop may not be trustworthy. Buyers should be aware.
  • Shopper’s reviews – We couldn’t find any Versstore reviews about their shoe varieties. Online platforms don’t share any reviews. It is important to stay alert.
  • Social connection: There is no way to connect to social media. We could not reach any social media accounts.
  • Data safety: The website claims it uses HTTPS in order to guarantee security. Safety doesn’t necessarily mean it.
  • Privacy Policies: We found all of the required policies within the layout. They are well-written and presented in a trustworthy way.
  • Missing Information – They have provided an e-mail address as a contact details. We were unable to locate the phone number or company’s address.

Versstore reviews

This shop provided details about the email address and policies. We didn’t locate any other contact information like the company’s telephone number or its address. We did not collect any buyer feedback. A review site has not shared any reviews. The website is not listed on any social media platform. You should be aware of such users.

Alexa also found this website inappropriate due to its poor ranking. This article also provides information on credit card frauds in relation to online shopping.

Final Summary

This concludes the Versstore reviews post. Our research team discovered that this website has a short lifespan and a low trust factor. We have expressed our clear opinion on the legitimacy of this site. It is now up to the buyers to decide if this site is legitimate. You can find more information about Kitten Heels on this page.

Would you like to share your thoughts about the lawfulness and legality of Versstore? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.