40 million people travel each year. That means that 13% Americans will need to fix their vehicle transport problems every year. The local moves are straightforward enough. But what about the bigger moves?

You may not always be able to drive your vehicle from one place to another. You need to look for vehicle transport services. This comprehensive guide explains how to transport your ride.

Vehicle Transportation Methods

There are many options for shipping your vehicle. You have two options. First, you can move your vehicle by yourself. This is often the best option for budget-minded people. But, the downside to road trips is that you’ll need to pay for gas, lodging, and other expenses.

Many transport companies can ship vehicles for those who don’t want to travel by road. If you’ve ever been on the roads, you might have seen trucks that had stacks upon stacks of cars. These trucks often carry stock of car dealers, but others may also be carrying personal vehicles for customers.

You can also use boats to transport your vehicle if you are moving across water. Or, you could add your vehicle on the manifest to transport it along. The ship’s capabilities and the services offered by them will determine which option you choose.

A few things should be considered before you decide on a shipping option. If you are shipping a vehicle, the main question that people ask is “How much does this cost?” We recommend asking “How much inconvenience will this cause me,” if this is possible.

Driving across the country, or towing a vehicle, is not an easy task. To make it easier, you will need to stop at gas stations, plan a route and consider the depreciating cost of your vehicle as it is used more. To save time and money, you might ship the vehicle and arrange a flight.

Best Method to Ship a Car

After you decide to ship the car, there are other options. Open transport can be chosen for your vehicle, similar to the trucks mentioned above. These services offer the best car transportation deals.

An open carrier may be a better option if your budget is tight. These services take great care to deliver your vehicle to its destination. The waiver will cover any damage that may be caused by the elements.

Although this isn’t common, it happens sometimes when vehicles in open transport are damaged by hail, birds or other natural hazards. Even though the company isn’t liable for any damages caused by hail, birds, or other natural hazards, you can still get insurance.

Covered transport is also an option if you have the budget. The cost of covered transport is higher because they can’t transport more vehicles at one time. Many consumers find that the added security is well worth it.

Covered transport takes your vehicle and places it in a trailer. Covered transport protects your car from the elements so you don’t have to worry as much. It is, however, the most efficient way to ship a car.

Do you need car transport insurance?

When you are ready to book your vehicle transportation, it is time to consider whether you need insurance. While most people are comfortable with having home, car, and medical insurance, many people hesitate to purchase temporary insurance. We skip buying insurance when renting cars, traveling, or transporting vehicles.

It’s much less likely that your car will sustain major damages because it’s only being transported for so short a time. We completely understand why you would want to take that chance when you’re tight on cash. You can transport your vehicle safely by purchasing insurance.

These are just a few of the factors to consider when deciding if the risk worth it. How do you know what policies are available to you? You don’t have to buy the policy offered by the company. Instead, look elsewhere for a policy that is more affordable.

Additionally, it is important to consider the coverage your vehicle already has. You might be eligible to skip buying additional insurance if your current insurance policy covers damages incurred during vehicle transportation.

Your decision will ultimately be yours. It will depend on how valuable your vehicle is, what condition it is in, and where it is going. Be aware that different carriers have different vehicle insurance policies. They do not cover damage done by shippers or shipping companies. Check your transportation contract to find out when the shipper is responsible for damages.

While not necessary, insurance can be useful when shipping high-value vehicles. You should ensure that you are fully informed about the coverage before signing the contract.

How Much Does Shipping an Auto Cost?

One of the unique features of the vehicle shipping sector is its inability to provide solid numbers. Trucking services don’t usually charge a flat rate for specific distances. Each shipment is unique.

Lower prices tend to be offered by companies that have greater capacities and can haul more vehicles per truck. Companies with shipping depots have lower prices than companies that pick up. It can be difficult for companies to calculate the shipping costs of vehicles because there are so many variables.

Price factors include volume and delivery options. Also, vehicle weight, vehicle size and carrier restrictions can affect your prices. Shipping within a single state may cost $500. While shipping across the nation could cost as much as $1,000, it could cost you more. A vehicle transport calculator online can give you a more precise price estimate.

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