Do you want to spend time playing your favourite game, valorant? Well, there’s the official E-Ball game that’ll be held by Valorant. Do you should also be careful about your favourite teams in competition with one another in Valorant?

Well, Valorant is an extremely popular and trending game Worldwide. So there are lots of fans and individuals which are here to understand about the Vct Berlin Bracket.

What’s Vct Berlin?

Vct is definitely an official E-Ball game that’s being locked in Berlin. The entire type of VCT is Valorant Champions Tour 2021. It’s an event that is dependant on the sport Valorant, that is an FPP multi-player game where you need to plant spike and defeat the enemy team.

As many as 15 teams will compete against one another in four groups. As well as in each one of these groups, the very best 2 teams is going to be qualified for more occasions. Additionally, these teams will discover VCT points according to their score and gratifaction within the match.

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Participating teams in Vct Berlin Bracket.

All of the teams which are taking part in the wedding are able to focus on their teams as well as an chance to secure their spots within the finals of the event according to their game play and points. All of the 15 teams which are selected with this event are based on the scores and gratifaction from the teams within the stage 3 playoffs.

Here are the teams which are selected for that Valorant Champions Tour 2021:

•           Gambit, Acend, SuperMassive Blaze, G2 Esports

•           Sentinels, 100 thieves, Team Envy

•           Keyd Stars, Havan Liberty

•           Vision Strikers, F4Q

•           ZETA DIVISION, Crazy Raccoon

•           Paper Rex

•           KRU Esports

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The number of groups are divided?

You will see as many as four groups in case, and also the top two teams in every group is going to be selected for the following event. So fundamental essentials below four groups and it is participants:

Group A

•           Vision Strikers

•           Paper Rex

•           SuperMassive Blade

•           Acend

Group B

•           Team Envy

•           Keyd Stars

•           ZETA division

•           KRU Esports

Group C

•           Crazy Raccoon

•           100 thieves

•           Havan liberty

•           Gambit

Group D

•           F4Q

•           Sentinels

•           G2 esport

All of the above teams are selected within the following groups, which matches is going to be performed in the very best of three matches. According to Vct Berlin Bracket, we’ve got the data the grand finals is going to be performed inside a better of five matches.

And also the players will need to give their finest in most their matches to focus on their positions and obtain their tickets towards the Finals.


So according to our research about this event, we’ve got to understand many information regarding the Valorant Champions Tour, which we’ve distributed to you by supplying you with this particular article. We do hope you got all of the statistics that you simply needed concerning the Vct Berlin Bracket.