Of course, every homeowner dreams of having a beautiful home with outstanding interiors. However, for constructing a beautiful perfect house, it’s essential to take care of both interiors and exteriors. Constructing a home is a job full of responsibilities; it requires proper planning with the right material. 

Most professionals advise using durable material in constructing a house because, at last, you will use it for years and years. The house’s interiors include many things, but skirting boards are essential. It not only makes the house beautiful but also helps in protecting the walls. 

The main job of skirting boards is to connect to the lower part of walls and fill the gap between floor and wall. A variety of skirting boards is available on the market. To construct a new house, you must know about different types of skirting boards. Here are some most common types of skirting boards.

Pencil Skirting

If you want a simplistic interior with a clear finishing look, pencil skirting is made for you. It is a basic design that can be installed on any plain or patterned wall. These skirting boards can also be used to hide unwanted wires and connections.

It can also help you to hide the gap between the walls and the floor. Generally, it comes with round edges, which make it feel more premium. You can make color combinations with your walls; for example, if your wall is green, you can use a white pencil skirt. Generally, people prefer black skirting boards and door frames

Wood Skirting

If you want to give your interiors a rich and sophisticated look, you can consider choosing wooden skirting. It looks adorable when you pair it with wooden and marble floors. It can also use used for light floors or false ceilings.

These are available in many designs; we suggest you hire a professional because they know what design and size will suit your interiors. So, hire a professional today and install wooden skirtings to add an aesthetic look to your interior.

Metal Skirting

The most common question that comes to everybody’s mind is, does it only suits a professional workspace? The answer is no, and you can use these metal skirting for home interiors; it will provide a modern look to your interiors. 

Metal skirtings are made up of shining stainless steel; thus, they will provide lightness to your home. As it is made of metal, they are durable and sturdy and can protect your walls from scratches and breakage. 

Flushing Skirting

Flushing skirtings are not similar to other kinds of skirtings. There is a need to hire a professional to install them because they are installed at the same level of walls. In addition, it requires pre-planning to install these skirtings because there is a need to remove the plaster.

As they are flushed in the walls, they do not catch much dust and are easy to clean. It’s a bit expensive compared to other skirtings. You can match it with the color of your wall. Suppose your wall is white; you can consider black skirting boards and door frames.