laminated mailer is a wonderful marketing tool if you are working in the travel and hospitality industry. Let me tell you why. 

Laminated mailers, as part of a direct marketing campaign, are an excellent tool for reaching a target audience. The Covid-19 pandemic has had people locked away in their homes for nearly two years now. But, the great news is that restrictions are being lifted all over the world. And, with that said, many people are excited at the prospect of traveling again. 

How do laminated mailers benefit the travel industry

Visually, laminated mailers are beautifully designed, eye-catching marketing tools that can promote new travel destinations, promote family travel packages, and holiday destinations around the world. High-resolution images help to convey the message along with well-spaced text. 

In addition, mailers can target a specific audience. For example, during the summer time, mailers can be sent out to a targeted area where families live, such as suburbs, to promote any of the summer holiday destinations on offer, or, as previously stated, to offer family holiday packages.

During the off-peak season, such as spring time, mailers can be targeted to retirement homes where discount packages can be offered to retirees.

Personalized approach

Mailers can be customized to address the recipient directly. This allows your company to build a relationship with the consumer through the laminated mailer. Images can be geared towards the target audience. For example, when mailers are sent out during the spring time, images may include elderly couples on holiday on a tropical island. 

The benefit to restaurants

Mailers can be sent out to patrons in the surrounding areas. Existing patrons may receive a loyalty program offer through the laminated mailers to entice them to frequent the establishment more often. This is what is known as targeted marketing.