Because so many individuals are affected by geo-blocking these days, you may already be aware of the phrase. This is a method of limiting access to specific online material or games based on the user’s geographic location.

Only players from specific countries or areas are able to play these games due to geographical limitations. This is especially aggravating for those who enjoy playing games all of the time but no longer have access to the games they desire.

But, especially while traveling, you don’t have to worry about such unjust restrictions because a iTop VPN for Windows can enable you access geo-blocked games and media like Netflix and Spotify.

So let’s get started by learning how a free VPN can truly assist you in bypassing geo restrictions and how you can effortlessly fake your location and play your favorite games without being bothered.

How to Get Around Geo-Restrictions Using a VPN

The use of VPNs is quickly increasing as a result of today’s growing trend in cyberattacks. According to research, one out of every three people in the globe utilized VPNs to safeguard their online activity, privacy, and personal information in 2021.

A VPN makes the user seem to be in a different place than their actual location by altering the user’s original IP address and routing Internet traffic through a private server. It also gives users total anonymity and allows them to play geo-blocked games by faking their location from content providers.

How to Use iTop VPN to Change Your Location and Avoid Geo-Blocking

iTop VPN, like the majority of VPNs, is intended to help you secure your online privacy and bypass geo-restrictions in games. It allows you to get the seamless gaming experience you deserve.

As one of the best free VPN for PC available, it gives you the simplest way to disguise your location and circumvent geoblocking without sacrificing connection speed. You may make use of its three connection modes (Safeguard, Balance, and Game Mode).

Whether you use Android, Windows, or iOS, you can download iTop VPN on all three platforms and use it on up to five devices simultaneously with a single license. Its user-friendly design makes it a good fit for both new and seasoned users.

It not only provides you with limitless bandwidth, but it also provides you with piece of mind thanks to the military-grade security and kill switch capabilities.

To download and install iTop – the free VPN on your PC and play geo-blocked games, simply follow these simple steps:

First, visit the iTop VPN official page. There are two alternatives available to you here. If you don’t like limits and want complete control over all features, you may first acquire a membership. It is available for free download. 

Then, you must install VPN for Windows after purchasing or downloading it for free. When you’re finished, run it and you’ll see the interface below.

Finally, choose a server that meets your requirements. You may just go straight to “Contact” and it will choose the closest one for you for a speedier connection. Now is the time to enjoy the game!