Did you know that a similar website, UsdtBINACE.com, scammed innocent customers from the Philippines. Customers were contacted by the customer service team via WhatsApp. They built strong customer relationships until the customer invested thousands.

After investing, the customer service manager stopped answering queries via WhatsApp and blocked customer accounts. Customers were unable to withdraw their investments or contact customer support without contact information. Let’s examine Usdtgcoin.com and see if it is Usdtgcoin.com legit.

About Usdtgcoin.com

Usdtgcoin.com launched yesterday, 11th May 2022. It was registered in the USA. Usdtgcoin.com expires on 11 May 2023. It has a one-year life expectancy. The existence of a scammer in the financial markets is a key factor in determining whether it is a scam. Financial platforms are known for trust and long-lasting customer relationships.

Usdtgcoin.com has a one-day trust score of 1%. The website’s technical data censors the identity and contact details of its owners using secured detector sites. This makes it difficult to trace them in the event of a scam.

Usdtgcoin.com does not have any policy, terms or conditions. Usdtgcoin.com does not contain links to social media and provides no contact information for customer service. This makes it difficult to reach customer support. These websites could use Telegram and WhatsApp to bulk-send spam messages to customers.

Telegram and WhatsApp misuse was seen as a common practice of fraud. The members of these chat rooms are fake employees and not real people. These fake members pretend to be genuine customers who appreciate the platform’s services. They also have high RoI to encourage innocent customers to make huge investments.

Is Usdtgcoin com Legit?

Usdtgcoin.com is a replica of UsdtBINACE.com, offering investments in USTD and promising good ROI. Usdtgcoin.com requires that customers register their name, email, country, phone number, wallet type, TRC20 and ERC20 wallet types, and Wallet address. This is sufficient payment information to allow them to give out on a new high-risk website.

UsdtBINACE.com, a third-party website, is considered high-risk. It does not provide clear terms and conditions, can ban customer accounts and take their investments. One of the factors to consider is The positive aspect of Usdtgcoin.com’s use of secure HTTPS protocol and valid SSL certificate.

We don’t have any customer feedback, ratings, or reviews for Usdtgcoin.com. They are not available on the internet, social media platforms, review websites, YouTube, and YouTube. Usdtgcoin.com ranks in the bottom 5252,103 Alexa rankings.


It may take some time for Usdtgcoin.com to improve its TrustRank or Alexa Score. It is important to monitor trends and customer feedback for the next three months, as Usdtgcoin.com has just launched.