We’ve discussed Ulonet and its Ulonet tools and accessories selling site with comprehensive Ulonet reviews.

Are you in search of an online store where you can purchase accessories and power tools online? Numerous websites located in the United States offer an extensive selection of accessories and tools. Before purchasing a purchase we advise that customers be familiar with the information on the website.

Therefore, we’ll look into Ulonet’s website to verify its authenticity. Ulonet website to confirm if it’s authentic and then provide complete Ulonet reviews to our customers. Before going to the store to purchase tools, we strongly recommend reading this post.

Brief on Ulonet

The store’s online presence gives customers the best efficient, reliable, and durable electronic tools, along with other items of ancillary use. They offer a wide assortment. The store also assures customers will get the product they’re seeking on the web.

  • Equipment & Home Improvement items
  • Building Supplies
  • Material Handling Supplies
  • Door & Garage Doors
  • Power & Hand Tools
  • Power Tools Parts & Accessories
  • Large Appliance Accessories
  • Electrical & Plumbing Items

We must now discuss different aspects of the website to decide whether Ulonet is Legit. Other areas must be discussed in order to gain a better understanding of the Ulonet website are details, data on legitimacy technological information including negative highlights and reviews from customers.

Features of Ulonet

The first topic we’ll look at will be the Ulonet website’s functions, contact information and different policies.

  • Purchase items at: https://ulonet.com/
  • Contact email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number:+19188183417
  • Address: 1415 NW, 80th Avenue, #15H, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Florida, USA, Zip Code – 33063
  • Owner’s contact information: Not Provided.
  • Social media hyperlinks: The Ulonet site is associated with four of the most popular social media profiles: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. This information is required when evaluating Ulonet’s authenticity. Legit.
  • Shipping PolicyUlonet offers free delivery on orders that exceed $100. The company will charge a shipping cost for orders of $100 or more.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms: Present.
  • Delivery: The tool & accessories selling store delivers orders to the US within 14 business days, and in the UK and Canada in 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Products can be tracked: Details can be tracked.
  • Returns and cancellations: Customers get a 30 day return period on all orders. The refund policy also included.
  • Return Policy Refunds for all transactions on the site will be made in 48-hour intervals.
  • Pay mode The most popular payment methods like Visa, Maestro, Discovery, PayPal, American Express and Mastercard accept.

Ulonet Reviews on Positive Highlights

  • The site offers a 30 day return.
  • Accepts all major payment methods.

Positive highlights

  • Costs shipping fees on orders under $100.

Is Ulonet Scam or Legit?

  • The creation of the Domain The Ulonet website launched on the 18th of September, 2021.
  • The website’s age isThe website has been operational for 7 weeks and 12 days. This means that the site is relatively fresh, and has a very short duration of the domain.
  • Website Expiry Date:The website domain Ulonet expires on September 18, 2022.
  • Trustworthiness The tool’s website has a Trust score. This is actually extremely low. Also, it has a global Alexa ranking of 394,242. According to Ulonet Review the information provided is considered a key decision factor.
  • Origin of the country:The online tool merchant is based in the US according to the address listed on their official site.
  • DNS Blacklist Status No blacklist is available on this site.
  • Data Security: The Ulonet website is secured by HTTPS, a secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites: 7/100.
  • Threat Profile:62/100.
  • Phishing Score: 62/100.
  • Malware Score: 43/100.
  • Spam Score: 20/100.
  • Social Media: The Ulonet site has a solid web presence via social media. It has over 10k fans on Facebook and has 29k followers on Instagram. The website remains active across all of its social media accounts.

Customer Reviews

There are a lot of Ulonet Review sites online. There are generally excellent customer reviews about Ulonet on review sites for customers. There are however some negative reviews, including one that is about credit card fraud. We suggest studying about credit Card Frauds.

In the Facebook page, Ulonet has many good reviews and 4.9 rating. It also has a moderate-high Alexa Rank.

Final Verdict

Ulonet is a new website with a poor score. However, it also has a high social media engagement and has excellent reviews from customers online. We recommend studying reviews and conducting your own research prior to making a purchase. Additionally, you can go through this article to stay clear of scams with PayPal.

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