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Are you looking for ways to improve your furniture? Do you need to upgrade your furniture? Are you in search of new lighting solutions for your office space?

Ufitex, an American website, is very popular for its furniture collection. It also offers affordable prices. It’s not always gold, but everything that shines might not be the best. Let’s now see what the website sells.

What does Ufitex mean?

Ufitex is an internet store that offers many types of sofa sets. The website claims that they make high-quality, sturdy, and quality products that anyone can use everyday.

They also said that they offer the best products to men. The website has a limited selection of other items, including a LED Grow Lamp. There are also a few sofa sets that can be found on its first page. These are all items that fall under the “featured collection” category.

This brings up the question Does Ufitex Legit. But, you will find the search option at top. At the end of each page, you’ll be able to search for and locate the product that you desire.

Products on Ufitex

You can purchase multiple products from this website. All of these products can be found in the section located at the top, or bottom of this webpage.

  • Sofa set
  • Illumination products
  • Pool for children with slides
  • Metal loft beds
  • Dining set
  • Party tent
  • Outdoor umbrella
  • Clothing rack
  • Clothes steamer

There are many products on this site. However, Ufitex showed us that it was possible to add multiple of the same product. This is not always the case with legitimate websites.

The site opens with the first image showing two kids swinging from swings. It’s a furniture-selling site, but this doesn’t match it. Instead, it looks more like an online store for kid’s clothing.

  • Ufitex: Features
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: (914)-893-8899; +44 7898 35468
  • Address: 830 Chicago Avenue Evanston Illinois, 60202
  • Handling policy: It takes 1-5 days.
  • Ufitex ships within 5-8 business hours for US orders
  • Shipping: Worldwide free shipping This seems a little strange and an issue in Ufitex.
  • Tracking information is available once the product has shipped
  • Cancellation Policy. You can cancel any order within 12hrs for a full refund. Other cases: Orders may be cancelled if they have not been shipped.

Returns Policy: No refunds accepted after 30 days from the date of delivery within the US. The product must be in a new condition with all original labels and packaging.

Exchange Policy: Contact via email

Refund: Within 3 days of cancellation The website would refund any return within 2-5 working days.

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercards, American Express, GPay and O Pay payment options are accepted by the site. The cash on delivery mode is not available. This makes the site unfavorable in Ufitex Reviews.

Privacy terms and policies:

Social media links

Details about the owner: It is not possible to identify the owner of the website.


  • An extensive range of products
  • You have many options for making payments
  • Contact information is given

  • While the website says that there is no shipping charge on the first page of their site, they calculate shipping when you checkout.
  • Shipping policy is confusing
  • Ufitex shipping can take longer than regular shipping.
  • Two different countries’ phone numbers are listed, which can be confusing.

Ufitex Legit

A legitimate online shopping portal must be established. Online shoppers should understand that while shopping online is a necessity, understanding the legitimacy of the portal is equally important. This is where we find the legitimacy factor of Ufitex website portal. Let’s look at it.

  • Domain registration date: 30 May 2022
  • Domain age 18 days
  • Domain Expiration Date – 30 May 2023
  • Trust Score: Ufitex has an extremely low trust score of just 1%

No country name was found. But, we can determine that it is either the United States or The United Kingdom using the country codes and the telephone numbers.

Ufitex Reviews

We could not find any Ufitex customer ratings or reviews. You should always double-check before you buy anything from Ufitex. We don’t recommend you buy anything from this site until you have full faith in it. Continue reading to learn how to avoid PayPal scams .


Uflitex may be a scam. Unfortunately, it is still too early to determine. We looked into the webpage and discovered that it didn’t have ratings or a high threat assessment. It is best to avoid it as a precaution. For more information on the credit card frauds, please visit the website.

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