Have you heard of U1lib.Org. U1lib.Org provides a commercial platform for millions of topics within the United States as well as the Australia. U1lib.Org hosts a large number of ebooks with over 10,256,846 books, and 84.837.646 article.

The 37 genres of articles and books cover all major areas, as well as non-frictional and frictional. To find out if U1lib.Org is legitimate, let’s look at the following interesting facts.

About u1lib.Org

U1lib.Org. is not registered. U1lib.Org redirects visitors to 1lib.in. U1lib.Org hosts an internal reference to ZLibrary. It hosts unauthorized copyright and payable contents.

1lib.in has a trust index that averages 40%. It was ranked 48.9% below the average for business. However, millions of people worldwide access the website every day because of its extensive collection of ebooks and articles. This website has achieved an impressive Alexa ranking 8,194.

U1lib.Org scored 38/100 to be considered suspicious as per U1lib.Org.Org Reviews. 1lib.in has a Threat Profile Score of 38/100. The spamming profile score is 36/100. 1lib.in demands that users sign up using their e mail. Users will not receive any unwanted messages via their email.

Although 1lib.in has an average 2/100 malware score as well as a 4/100 Phishing score, which means it doesn’t target users’ personal information, many threat profiles suggest that 1lib.in may download mini-apps or advertisements.

1lib.in has two data security features. It uses secure HTTPS protocol. The IP also has valid SSL certification. However, SSL certification expiry for 1lib.Org Legit has been checked. This would mean that it will end in the next 85-days. In this time, it may pose security risk while transmitting information. 1lib.in does not appear to be on any blacklisting engines.

1lib.in is a free site that offers e-books. This is why it has been so popular and successful. You can import ebooks at no cost. They are available in electronic publication files format (.epub). E-books are also smaller than 10MB in size. ZLibrary.org is the popular U1lib.Org. To access articles, users are redirected at booksc.org. Let’s look at every domain supported by U1lib.Org, and verify its authenticity.

are supported domains of.

Booksc.org, which was registered in Bahamas on 24th January 2013, had an average 76% trust score, a lower-than-average 48.4% rank in business and a tremendous 6,914 Alexa ranking. zlib.org was simultaneously registered in Canada, on 14th April 2017. It has a low trust score (46%), a business ranking below 39.5%, and a high Alexa score (1874).


U1lib.Org often refers to ZLibrary. The URL U1lib.Org cannot be registered at the moment and redirects users towards local ZLibrary sites that are different from their country. These domains only work in countries where they are available. U1lib.Org Legit reviews