To find out how the platform was used to launder money, you can read exclusive reviews about Twitchgive Sccam.

Twitch launched in 2011, did you know? Did you know Twitch earn a significant share of its revenue from subscriptions? It had over 15 million viewers daily in 2011, more than 3,000,000 broadcasters, plus more than 27K partners channels.

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Let’s look at the Twitchgive Spy viewership in the United States.

Twitch Plotting Scam:

Twitch is an online streaming platform that broadcasts live gaming, music and other content. Twitch started as a scam to get broadcasters to pay more. Twitch receives 50% of subscription revenue and pays broadcasters 50%. Twitch receives $2.50 per month if a viewer subscribs to a channel that costs $5 per month. Twitch keeps $2.50.

Scammers exploited the loopholes of this system to launder money via Twitch. More than 9 million Twitchgivescam channels was created by the fraudsters.

Popular broadcasters began demanding higher payments. They claimed that Twitch shares were 50% crazy. Twitch employees confirmed that the video streaming requirements for a channel with over 5K subscribers are still 1080P. Twitch couldn’t afford the broadcast because of its large viewership.

These fake channels didn’t aim to get more subscribers. Instead, scammers used stolen credit card numbers to donate Bits for their channels. Bits are the native currency in Twitch and can be bought using real money or credit cards.


The Bits were considered to be earnings and broadcasters were paid real money for them. Scammers who took credit card numbers from innocent people did not make purchases directly or withdraw any money. They paid them indirect via Twitch instead.

A second scam was discovered while looking for scammers. The broadcasters purchased large quantities of in-game currency and native currency. They then offered to sell the items to their viewers at a very low price. This was Twitchgive Scand. The in-game products purchased in bulk were divided up and distributed to the viewers who needed them in limited quantities.

Another form of money laundering is this one, and it is very difficult to track.


The cases became more prominent when broadcasters who earned over $1,800 per day had only 40 to 50 viewers. Hackers obtained Twitch payment data in October 2021. It was predicted that these scammers would steal more than $10,000,000 by analysing payment trends. It was discovered that Twitch contained thousands of such Scamming Channels.

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