Who doesn’t recall Ernie Brown Jr., who became famous in the role of Turtleman? His TV show, Call of the Wildman, in which you can watch Ernie capture a variety of wild species using his hands alone it’s amazing. However Ernie, the show’s superstar of his home in the United States encountered an accident that was fatal on March 15, 2022.

As news of his ongoing death circulated on the web and later, it was revealed that he had been involved in a fatal accident. So, we present to you all the details regarding the Turtle Man’s accident in 2022 and the events that transpired.

who are you? Turtle Man?

The Turtleman was a name that was that was given to Ernie Brown Jr., who was the host of Call of the Wildman. The show was among the most popular reality television shows that originated from America. United States that airs through Animal Planet. The show aired from the year 2011 to 2014.

The show also featured Neal James and his dogs Brown and Lolly. Based on research the show showed the exploits of Turtleman who snared the animals and then released them, creating some annoyance. In the coming sections we will discuss more on Turtle Man Accident 2022 and what transpired to the turtleman.

What is the reason why Turtle Man in the News?

On the fateful the 15th of March, 2022 The main character of the television show Call of the Wildman encountered the death of his life caused by the falling of a tree limbs upon him. The news was reported by Turtleman himself in an live video posted on Facebook which was posted at the hospital, where he’s recovering.

According to reports the victim suffered a broken bone on his arm when the tree’s limb fell from 50 feet high. In addition, he mentioned being struck with the tree’s limb on his lower leg and another one that fell on his shoulders and neck.

Turtle Man Accident 2022 The Latest Updates

According to reports there were hoaxes posted on the internet were making rounds of the Turtleman being a victim of death. But, this was later proven to be false when it was discovered that Call of the Wildman star himself uploaded a live video on Facebook.

According to sources, Ernie Brown, also popularly known as Turtle man who was a trapper of numerous wild animals bare-handed during The show fell off the tree. It is believed that he was cutting the tree when a branch that was at 50 feet in height was thrown down onto the ground and struck him in the leg as well as his neck and shoulders.

According to Turtle Man Accident 2022 most recent updates He is recovering, but is at the medical facility.

Final Conclusive

The world’s fans are hoping for his quick recovery and are eager to resume his adventures. But, it must be pointed out that the report of the death of his son was a hoax and he’s very active, receiving treatments at the hospital.

According to the information provided to the Turtleman himself on the show video, he was breaking an arm bone and injured his shoulders.

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