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Are you searching for trendy shoes on an online store? Are you familiar with the online shop that offers the most designer shoes? If so, you should read this article. The website features a huge selection of the newest designer shoes. This web portal is United States.

The Tunmall & Reviews article today will discuss all aspects of the shopping site in order to determine its website value. Continue reading the blog to learn more.

What does mean?

This online shop offers stunning footwear and other clothing options that look amazing. You will find both men’s and women’s shoes and clothing here. The website offers products such a Athletic shoe, Dresses for NBA Celtics, NBA Lakers and Nike shoes. It also has T-shirts, sunglasses, Knicks, Tshirts, and other accessories. The products can be ordered in many sizes and colours. Every product is top-notch. The quality of every product is excellent. However, the web portal offers online sales. Buyers should verify that this website is not a fraud.


  • The URL of the website
  • This is the web page that was first created:The website portal was created on 24/08/2022.
  • The expiration time of the site:The website portal’s expiration date is 24/08/2023.
  • Address of Email: [email protected]
  • Location of the company:320W Kimberly Rd Davenport IA52806, USA.
  • Delivery Information: Most orders are delivered within 7-9 days from the web portal.
  • Delivery for Free: You can get free delivery if you spend more than $35
  • Standard shipping: According to Tunmall Reviews there are no details about standard shipping.
  • Call service:The web portal does not mention a phone number.
  • Details about the developer: It is not possible to find information about the web-developer.
  • Existence of Social Media: The website does not have a logo for social media.
  • Return Time: It offers a return option on all orders.
  • Payment Options: Visa, Master card, American Express, etc.

Merits Of

  • It has given its email address as a contact point for customer service.
  • It has given the address for its office.

Demerits at :

  • It has not revealed the name or developer of its creator.

Is Tunmall Legit a Scam Website?

This online portal sells quality footwear and accessories. However, this online portal is worth checking for its authenticity. These are some of the factors that will determine its worthiness.

  • The beginning of domain: This web portal started on the 24th August 2022.
  • Trust ranking The trust ranking of this web portal is very poor, only 1%.
  • Percentage Duplicate Content: The duplicate content percent of the webpage is 0%.
  • Take 50% off your order
  • Email Account Legality: Email address shared with the web portal is valid.
  • Social media account According Tunmall, there is no logo for social media on the site.
  • Webpage’s location:320 W Kimberly Rd Davenport IA52806, USA.
  • Products exchanged:No information is available on its website about the exchange service.
  • Return chargesNo information is available about return fees on its webpage
  • Global Alexa Ranking.
  • Order Cancellation Details:It doesn’t allow cancellations on its orders.
  • Refund of goods: It returns the amount to the buyer using the simplest payment method.
  • Policies/conditions: You can find different pages with policies and conditions.

Tunmall reviews:

It doesn’t have any reviews about customers on its homepage. Site is ranked #617049 on Alexa. Social media platforms do not allow for logos, nor are reviews or testimonials available. Customers should check Refunds on Paypal: If You’re Scammed


The web portal does not have much experience in online shopping. The web portal does not have any customers. The website has an trust ranking. The web portal doesn’t have any social platform logos. There aren’t any reviews on social networks or websites following Tunmall Recommendations. This web page is suspicious, so customers should be cautious. Customers can also see Get a Refund on Credit Card.