You can be a pirate or marine build your reputation with perks, rewards and bounty to show off your status, while enhancing your offensive and defensive abilities in the newest online game from Roblox named True Piece.

The game transports you to the virtual world where you acquire different the art of combat and weaponry and discover new worlds combating your bosses and getting rare perks to boost your abilities and skills.

The thrills increase by playing the game because of the distinctive boosts called True Perks. Players who reside in America United States are interested in knowing the complete Truly Perk Tiers List.

What is Roblox True Piece?

Roblox True Piece is the courses game on Roblox that is based on the popular anime game One Piece. The game starts with the character is a mediocre one and players must be more determined to raise the character’s status and rank as a pirate or marine.

The game progresses players will come across various devil fruits that increase their power and abilities. Other unique features of the game is that the system of perks. Certain bonuses and perks that are passive are available through spinning. Below is a useful guide to the true Perk Tiers for all players worldwide which includes those from the United States.

What are True Perk Systems?

The real Perks are the exclusive bonuses and boosts that let players unlock new abilities that allow them to improve, boost, and enhance their characters on the field. With the bonuses, perks and rewards the game is more thrilling for players.

All players should get these bonuses and perks during the course of playing. This guide will inform you about the various bonuses and benefits for players.

The New True Perk Tier List for Players

Common Perks

  • Vitality: It grants you an additional 20 bases of health.
  • Luck- It allows the chance to make crucial hits
  • Runner – This perk aids you improve your base speed and allows you to speed up within the base area without additional effort.

Legendary Perks

  • Advanced Kenbunshoku Reduces the Haki cost for dodges
  • Advanced Busoshoku allows using the full body Haki and it requires 400 Buso Mastery. Additionally, you will get an additional HP
  • Weapon Busoshoku: Gives you the power of your weapon and a power boost with activated Haki
  • Red Hair Pirate Haoshoku – It plays the Haoshoku employs, increases the range, and reduces the time to cool down.

The Rare Perks

The very rare Real Perk Tiers List will be as follows.

  • Improved Finger Gun Improved Finger Gun the cooldown of the skill while also increasing the finger gun damage and increases the chance of a passive critical strike.
  • Improved Moon Walk – get an additional moonwalk as well as a shorter cooling time.
  • Rankyaku Increases rankyaku damage and decreases the cooldown.
  • Paper Art with Enhanced Design – Increases the chance to stimulate the paper’s body.
  • Iron Body Enhanced – Enhance the block’s power and increase the strength of passive armor
  • Instant Transmission – Gain extra range and lower cooling down.

Godly Perks

Strawhat Haoshoku The perk will activate Haoshoku automatically when you are low on health. it does not require a game pass.


If you are a fan of this Roblox True Piece game make sure you take advantage of the perks and bonuses described within the True Perk Tier List above. The perks are accompanied by special abilities and help to improve your abilities and skills to make the most of the game.