Have you ever been infatuated with the epic pages of Greek mythology? And once wanted to be a part of it to contribute to the greatest wars? Let’s play Trojan War 2 MOD APK with me.

Introduce about Trojan War 2

The battle has gone into legend

The story of the Trojan War in the school of Greek mythological epics is one of the fascinating topics, explored in many fields in many ages. Your task in the game is to lead the Greek people, under Menelaus, king of Sparta, to attack Troy to reclaim the beautiful Helen from the hand of Paris.

Trojan War 2

Troy, built by two supremely powerful gods, Apollo and Poseidon, along with a team of skilled soldiers led by the talented general Hector, the brother of Paris, the most beautiful boy in Asia. Therefore, leading the fortress side is led by Odysseus, the talented king of Ithaca, and Achilles, a famous warrior who was invincible. The fiercest, longest war between Hector and Achilles and the legendary event of the successful raid of the Greek army when hiding in the giant wooden horse brought into Troy has created a series of entertaining stories, including games.

Trojan War 2, the war is not only of mortals

Trojan War 2 is a real-time combat card game that simulates the legendary Trojan War. You will control a powerful army of skilled fighters, tossing cards according to the tactics you have in mind to bring out special skills against the enemy. When the enemy’s stronghold falls, you win. When you win a match, you will capture the corresponding territory and collect a lot of money. From there, you will recruit more troops, increase the strength of your soldiers with the resources collected such as artifacts, armor, and power-enhancing equipment…

In this game, the battle focus of both sides is not only ordinary soldiers, but each army has powerful warriors and the most talented gods of the heavens. My advice is that you should spend time carefully reading the character and newly acquired units descriptions, as well as outstanding features from the opponent’s army to come up with useful and intelligent tactics.

Strong strategy in the game

Play, focuses on fighting, win levels, and accumulate cards. You will have a lot of powerful units and special skills in your hand in the form of cards. When choosing, deciding which army to go first, which army to follow to quickly attack and destroy the citadel, that’s when you show your talent for strategy and tactics.

Attack, defense, combined with different types of troops, weapons will create an incalculable variation in the fighting style and quickly bring you victory.

Trojan War 2

All battles in Trojan War 2 take place in real-time. You will be able to see a variety of different scenes as the two factions fight in the day and night scene. The constantly changing landscape also creates great excitement to play.

The difficulty of leading the Greek army is not only fighting and fighting, but you also have to consider the status of the rear. You have to balance between resources and upgrading your army, and even when you already have a lot of things in your hand, the bigger challenge is always present. You have to apply both your knowledge of Greek mythology and tactical talent into the game such as using giant wooden horses as fortresses to defend, using ancient spells to take down enemy strongholds…

Opportunities and challenges are everywhere

When playing, there will be many different factors that affect the process of your strategy. For example, the enemy will have new units appear, or sometimes there is the difference in the correlation of forces at a certain point in time between the two factions, but under any circumstances, the composure, unflinching, smart tactics will be the key to your success.

Let take full advantage of the first scenes, while you are still quite leisurely and free with not too many enemies and deploy multiple combinations and different tactics. Besides, you should reuse or upgrade when you meet the right gameplay. Each strategy brings different experiences and results. Be confident in your combinations.

MOD APK version of Trojan War 2

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Diamonds


  • You can use Diamonds to buy chests, packs and characters in the Store, even you don’t have enough.
  • You CAN’T use Diamonds to buy Gold.

Download Trojan War 2 MOD APK for Android

The battle of the strongest warriors: Hector, Achilles, Odysseus, and thousands of people who have fallen because of this seemingly senseless war. Are you ready to be a part of it?