Are you looking to buy a house in Turkey It is now possible to buy a house in Turkey. is now available for people who are having difficulty buying a home. To apply and complete an application to purchase a house, you will need to fill out an application. TR provides all information necessary to learn about the government’s project to build a house for the citizens. You can find more information here.


This is an online government website where applicants can submit their applications for housing lands. It is run by the government and users are guaranteed to receive 50,000 Istanbul social housing lands. This is great news! This website will provide information about the additional services that the government offers to citizens.

Is the TR toki com legitimate?

To determine if a website is legitimate or not, one must have detailed information. Below are some details that will help you determine the authenticity of this domain.

  • Trust Count – This website is government owned and has a trust score of 99.9%. The site is trusted by government officials.
  • Registrar There is no information about the registrar.
  • Registration Date We are unable to determine the creation date for
  • Expiry date: It’s unknown.

While the internet sources are lacking many important details, the trust score is very high.

What TRToki com has to offer the public?

This housing land can be applied for between 14 September 2022 and 31 October 2022. This project will provide affordable housing for every citizen. The government plans to give 1 million and 170 000 housing lands. This project will see the construction of 1,395 schools and land being used for social purposes. There will also be 20 universities, 43 libraries and 997 gymnasiums. Also, there will be 99 health clinics, 269 hospitals, 922 mosques and 20 stadiums. This is one of the largest projects ever. This facility is open to everyone.

Specifications for this project

The TRToki com website reveals that citizens can buy a house in the town. This project will have 3+1 and 2+1 dwellings. The project will be implemented in 81 cities across Turkey. Treasury lands will be used to construct 1,00,000. Infrastructure lands, 2,50,000 land for social housing, and 10,000 industrial sites. Seven regions will have infrastructure housing plots, while Istanbul will have 50,000 social housing land.


We have ended this post by describing the project and how it works. Register on the TRToki com website if you are from this area.