Are you a fan of your own Tower Battles game? It’s an Roblox game that is getting a lot of attention across Turkey as well as in the United States, as well as other regions around the globe. You should know that the game was finally released this winter’s event.

Are you aware of the Harpoon hunter, its statistics and appearance? It is available by completing this winter challenge 2022. Explore more information to learn more about tower battles code 2022.

What exactly is Tower Battles game?

Planet3arth’s Tower Battles is a Roblox game where you need to defend yourself against the terrifying zombies. Tower Battles is a tower defense game that has the element of strategy.

The players can play aggressively or defensively, by deploying zombies, and creating unique towers. The towers can be Zombies-resistant items that players may place onto their own map Zombies constitute the most significant enemy. Your team and you must fight off zombies for longer than your opponents.

The game’s events are announced from time to date on various times. Also, with the new updates Tower Battles Winter 2022 there is also a Harpoon hunter.

What is Harpoon hunter?

Harpoon hunter is an intermediate-range cliff tower , which players received in the event of winter 2022 that they won. Harpoon sticks to the target and then slows zombies and then disappear after a few minutes.

As we all know, each building within the Tower Battles game has 5 levels, just like this Harpoon Hunters.

L1 comes as the preferred. It It has gray body, black backpack with a fur hood and hold the harpoon gun. It can cause damage to 3 and can reach the limit of 18.

Pressure gauge L2 It is equipped with a gun for harpoon, an electronic pressure gauge, and wears gray sleeves that roll up. Range is increased to 22.5.

However, Tower Battles Codes 2022 is the most popular attraction for gamers today We will go over it in the next section.

L3 Precision The hunter is wearing a dark mask, black bandana, gloves, and goggles. Additionally, the gun comes with a flip-up view and increases damage by five.

Titanium L4 Rod: hunter wears the black fur hat with dark blue clothing and has two spare Harpoons. The harpoon that is wielded comes with an additional handle, and the damage is increased by 12.

L5 Apex predator Wears darker grey and is glowing red from the glasses. It’s increased the damage by 80 percent and further improved range, duration of sticks and durability.

How can I find the most recent Tower Battles Codes 2022?

Codes are an easy and cost-free method of gaining bonuses in a single click. Codes are added along with new updates every time the game hits a certain milestone.

  • muni4me Use this code to receive 300 Credits
  • UPDATEINAMINUTE2021 – Code for a Tweeter Tower

A few more codes:

  • MONIESSSSSS (expired)
  • UPDATEINAMINUTE2020 (expired)

How do I use codes to redeem?

  • Open the Tower Battles Game.
  • Find the code bar located on the left side of the screen.
  • The codes can be copied and pasted provided above into the box.
  • Enter to earn rewards.


Tower battles are the most popular Roblox game. We have updated the most current functioning Tower Battles Codes for 2022..

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