Nowadays, men are equally concerned as women about their looks and tend to invest heavily in hair systems.  What are hair systems? Hair systems are basically toupees which is what men usually wear. They have a transparent base with high quality natural hair sewn into the base to give as realistic a look to the hairpiece as possible. These non-surgical hair replacement options are highly popular nowadays as it gives the user freedom to choose the texture, density, color and length of the hair they desire.

These systems can be attached by tape, clips, or glue. It is versatile, affordable and nobody has to go under the knife due to which it is becoming a more sought-after option among men who want to replace the hair loss they have experienced. Want to learn more about men’s toupees and hair systems? Read on below.

There are two types of hair systems you will come across on the market:

  1. Stock hair systems: These are mass-produced and can be bought off the market at any time.
  2. Custom hair systems: They are produced keeping in mind the specific needs of a person. They are more expensive given the customization and production requirements.

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Toupees and wigs

A toupee is used to cover a specific area rather than the whole head. They mostly sit on the center and crown of the scalp which is where usually men experience hair loss due to male pattern baldness. Wigs, on the other hand, are used to cover the whole head generously and are bigger in size. Men can still wear wigs if they have no natural hair remaining or prefer a longer hairstyle.

Hair system base materials

Not all hair systems are the same. They come in different base materials with some being a combination of each other as well.

Poly skin systems: These are usually thin, more pigmented, and help match the skin tone of the customer. They are attached through adhesives and tapes and in general, provides durability and easy installation and cleanup.

Lace systems: These hair systems make use of lace material which is very natural looking and breathable. There are full lace hair systems as well as lace front systems. The main base material is French lace but there is also the option of Swiss lace which is more natural but less durable.

Monofilament/Combinations: These hair replacement systems use monofilament silk on the top for comfortable wearing and is usually combined with lace or poly to provide more convenience for the wearer. They are also more affordable as a full lace hair system will cost more than a lace front with poly sides.

Types of knots

There are many knot types used in the construction of hair systems. Among them include the following:

  1. Single knot
  2. Single split knot
  3. Double knot
  4. V-loop knot
  5. Direct-inject knot

Hair types

There are two main types of hair that are used — human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair is sourced by hair donors and is natural looking, durable and easy to style. Synthetic hair is made to look like human hair and while much cheaper, is less durable, natural looking nor is it heat-friendly.


There are many options to choose from as well as plenty of customization available when it comes to hair systems. This is one of the reasons many prefer to go for hair systems rather than hair transplants as they are also quicker, more convenient, and less expensive.