You may have heard about the two types of disasters. The first is natural and humans have a hand in the second. One of the natural catastrophes within Canada was a disaster that shook the country and shattered records. The 1999 snowstorm is the one we’re talking about.

Our report about Toronto Snow Storm 1999 will inform you about this natural disaster which occurred over just 22 years back. What were the effects of this storm to the daily lives peopleaffected, and what details about the storm will be provided in this article?

What is Snow Storm?

The world is full of people who would love to see Snowfall and to experience it they go to the northern regions of the globe. The snowfall phenomenon is enjoyed but only in a certain degree. If it causes problems for the population, then it’s viewed as a nuisance. Snow Storm refers to a large amount of snow which causes disruption and in addition to it, strong wind is blowing. It causes issues for residents of the region since there is no way to move out of the area for any reason and the area is coated in snow.

Toronto Snow Storm 1999

A huge snowfall, or Snowstorm was reported at the end of 1999 Toronto and was a major effect on those who resided there. On the 2nd of January 1999 Toronto experienced a major snowfall that came through the US towards the north. 40 centimeters of snow fell on the city and dropped in the region. A CBC reporter reported that Toronto was the only city to have an intense snowfall over the past 200 years.

The snow wasn’t removed, and Toronto continued to experience a massive snowstorm in the following week. This led to the mayor of the city, Mel Lastman, called the Canadian army to clear the snow. Toronto Snow Storm 1999 was the most hefty Snowstorm in history, when more than 100 centimeters of snow fell.

Impact of Snow Storm of 1999

Since 1999, the Snowstorm that hit Toronto was the largest ever recorded, the people and the city were faced with a myriad of issues during this storm.

  • The airports were shut, with many flights canceled off for several days.
  • Passengers on NWA were waiting for hours before being stuck.
  • The railways were shut down, the highways were closed, and people couldn’t travel to any location.
  • Businesses and schools were closed for several days.

The effects from Toronto Snow Storm 1999 was a major influence on the lives of those living in that area.

Cost of Snow Storm

This Snowstorm caused the deaths of the people. A large number of people in regions like the US, Canada regions have been killed. According to the news reports, there was plenty of deaths, including 39 related to autos deaths, five related to the snowmobile and 2 frozen. The storm has claimed the lives of many and left these areas with the possibility of a financial loss of $300-$400 million. Therefore, the impact of this storm was devastating.


The article is based on Toronto Snow Storm 1999 We’ve shared with you the details of the natural disaster and the impact it had on the lives of people. The article highlights how severely the affected regions were affected by the storm.