Top 5 Online Courses to Help You Learn Solidworks in 2022

Solidworks is the most popular 3D modelling program, and with its intuitive interface, anyone can learn it quickly. The software has a variety of features that makes it a must-have for any engineering professionals with the help of Scholarship grants who are really looking to make their career in the field of CAD.

Learning Solidworks Software is essential for any engineering professionals who want to get hired, grow in their careers and get ahead in the industry. If you’ve wanted to learn this software, but you don’t have the time or resources, then this course is just the best option.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest online Solidworks tutorial for 2022 in this post. Let’s dive in!

How Can Solidworks Help an Engineer To Design Successfully?

Engineers can use Solidworks software to design products of any shape, size or complexity. They can also use it to make sure their designs are functional and production-ready for their manufacturing companies. The software is suitable for engineers of all levels of expertise because it features a wide selection of tools that are readily available and easy to use. This platform allows engineers to create precision drawings that are accurate, efficient and useful.

Engineers can also find ideas in the Solidworks library that were designed by other designers with the same set of goals in mind. By using this feature, they can get guidance on what design would be effective without having to reinvent the wheel each time they work on a project.

Top Online Solidworks Courses

1. Learnvern’s Top Master Solidworks 2022 With Real-time Examples and Project Course (#1 Choice) 

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Learnvern’s Top Master Solidworks 2022 With Real-time Examples and Project Course (#1 Choice) 

The Solidworks online course by LearnVern will teach you how to design products and projects using these features and techniques that were used by professionals engineers. By taking this course, you’ll also be able to impress your potential employers by showing them not only your knowledge of Solidworks.

Learnvern’s Master Solidworks 2022 With Real-time Examples and Project Course is based on a unique methodology that starts from design fundamentals and quickly progresses to advanced features in order to learn by doing. It provides a thorough learning experience for beginners as well as experienced users.

This course covers all the features of the Standard Materials library, which include: working with sheet metal, sheet metal components, sheet metal welds, sheet metal assemblies, sheet metal parts and assemblies, beam cladding, extrusions, compound curves and more!

2. Introduction to Solidworks Training Course by Armada

Introduction to Solidworks Training Course by Armada

If you are really interested in starting your career in the field of industrial design and engineering, then the course Introduction to Solidworks Training Course by Armada is a step towards that.

This course provides an introduction to how to use the software SolidWorks, which is one of the most popular 3D modelling and drafting software. The training will give you a much better understanding of how it works, the principles behind its usage and how it is going to help you create solid designs.

3. Solidworks Online Certification Training Course by Multisoft Virtual Academy

3. Solidworks Online Certification Training Course by Multisoft Virtual Academy

The immense market for the automotive industry has increased the need for technically sound people who have a complete understanding of the various aspects of this field. Certifications are a vital tool to help individuals in their careers as they are considered an important step towards achieving on-the-job skills.

Multisoft’s Solidworksonline Certification Training Course by Multisoft Virtual Academy is one of the best opportunities to gain such skills. This program offers you a comprehensive course that will help you develop your knowledge and skills in using Solidworks software in order to design and produce superior quality products. You can simply apply online or contact any training centre near your location for further assistance.

4. Solidworks Online Course by Think Next

Solidworks Online Course by Think Next

The Solidworks Online Course by Think Next is a self-paced online course that starts off with an introduction to the program and comes with tutorials. This course provides you with all of the necessary materials to get started. It covers topics such as creating 3D models, manufacturing, assembly, and more!

The Solidworks Online Course by Think Next was made specifically for individuals who want to learn the program on their own time in order to become proficient. It is one of the highest-rated courses in the industry because it is simple and easy to follow. It offers a variety of different tutorials for beginners as well as advanced users alike.

The Solidworks Online Course by Think Next also comes with interactive quizzes and assessments that help you test your understanding throughout the course providing individualized feedback for each user’s needs.

5. Solid Works Online Certification Course by Eckovation

Solid Works Online Certification Course by Eckovation

Eckovation runs an online course for Solid Works, a 3D modelling and design software. This course is designed to help beginners learn the basics of Solid Works in a hands-on way. It also helps them get to grips with the software so they can excel and advance their career in this field.

This online course is available on a monthly subscription basis. Students can attend any time, anywhere around the world. The course includes video tutorials, access to private Facebook group chat rooms, and email service – where they can ask questions or get guidance on anything they need to know about the program or software in general.

Salary Estimation

Salary Estimation

Learning Solid Works can help you build a career in image editing. It is one of the most demanded skill sets in the industry, and learning will help you establish your career in this field. Today, finding new opportunities to learn a skill that is highly demanded has never been easier. With an overwhelming number of platforms out there for people to learn new skills or upgrade old ones, it has never been easier for people to find the resources they need.

One way to learn how to do a certain job better is through education and experience. The process for acquiring these two things is different depending on the location of the person and their desired field of work.

So many people are switching from traditional working styles to digital work and using Solid Works as the primary tool. Solidwork can help employers know your skillset and make better decisions on hiring you. It also helps you secure a job that’s in line with your skillset.


Engineers are in high demand, but with the number of engineers increasing and companies operating at an accelerated rate, employers are in search of the best possible employees. In order to get hired, it is essential that you know how to use software like Solidworks. It helps you do your job in a much more efficient and effective manner.

Engineers who have mastered Solidworks will be able to make quick work of any design process compared to those who don’t use it. Moreover, this mastery can help them land their next dream job as a project manager or lead engineer for a company with plenty of opportunities for advancement and career development.

To help you learn engineering designing better, we have compiled a list of some of the best Solidworks tutorials that you can refer to better understand the concepts.