Hacking a person’s technological device or social applications is often illegal and unethical. However, legitimate and ethical reasons can lead one to hack another person’s technological device or social application software, for example, WhatsApp. These reasons include a parent protecting their child from inappropriate online content or cyberbullying and a company monitoring their employees. This partner wants to detect a cheating partner or recover WhatsApp messages that you may have lost. Therefore, this article is meant to help people with such genuine reasons with a list of methods that they could employ and hack the WhatsApp messages of the other party.

  1. Using a WhatsApp Spy App

Today, multiple spy software applications are legal and used by various people or companies to hack into technological devices and the security systems of other people and organizations. One can also pay for such an application to hack the WhatsApp messages of another person. Using a spy app involves buying the app, installing it, and activating the application on the phone of the person you intend to hack. You can access the person’s private WhatsApp messages, status, shared files, and contacts.

  1. Export Chat History

This hacking method is most suitable to employ with people close to you, for example, your children or your partner. In how to hack whatsapp, messages using this method, you need to access the person’s smartphone that you need to hack physically. Open WhatsApp on the target mobile phone and the chat you want to access, after which you can now export the chat to the cloud storage or your email address and access it later.

  1. Exploit WhatsApp Web

This version is intended to improve the user’s experience, but it is not safe and easy to exploit. You can use this web version to hack into someone else WhatsApp messages, mainly when such person has used the version on your computer. You need to click on the ‘keep me signed in’ tab when that person logs out. When they are done using your computer, their WhatsApp remains signed-in in your browser.

  1. Use iKeyMonitor Method

This method is probably the best WhatsApp hacking technique that you can use for both Android and iOS devices. It hacks the other person’s WhatsApp by capturing screenshots occasionally and registering keyboard keystrokes on the target mobile phone. Parents and employers mainly use this method to trace suspicious words and photos and illegal activities on the WhatsApp of the target device.

  1. Use the Spoofing Method

You can employ the spoofing method to hack into someone else WhatsApp message remotely. Here, you need to locate the MAC address of the mobile device you wish to hack, after which you can use Terminal Emulator or Busy Box to alter the MAC address on your smartphone. After doing so, you will log into WhatsApp using the other person’s phone number.

It is fair to know that hacking into another person’s WhatsApp or technological device is often illegal unless it is for an ethical reason and it is within the law. Nevertheless, you can use the guidelines above to know how to hack WhatsApp.