In this modern era, everybody loves to take photos. No matter where we are, our smartphone is always with us and we love to capture the moments in them. But sometimes while taking photos, unrelated and useless things are captured which makes the photo bad. We get to know this after we come back home and check all photos. In that case, it is not possible to visit that place again and capture the same photo without useless items. Fortunately, there is a solution for this which is to remove unnecessary items or whole background from images with a single click.

For this purpose, there are different background removal tools available online free and paid. These tools can be used to remove the unwanted items or to completely remove the background. They also helps to replace the background that looks perfect with the photo. These tools are perfect option for people like us and graphics designer and advertisers. In this article, we will learn about those background removal tools.

Depositphotos is a free online background remover that allows you to remove unwanted items without 10 seconds. You can remove background from PNG and JPG format images who have a maximum file size of 15MB. Although it allows to remove background of single image at once. You can’t perform batch removal which is a drawback. But the best part of this tool is it lets you compare original and processed image. If you are satisfied with the results, you can download the image simply by creating an account on the website. You are also allowed to restore some part of whole background of the image.

The second is that allows you to remove background just like depositphotos. But it lacks in one thing that is limitations. Yes it only allow few images to be processed and after that you need to subscribe their monthly plan. The best thing about this tool which makes us to list here is it removes background within 5 seconds which is fastest among all tools. To get started, you can upload JPG, JPEG, or PNG format image and wait 5 seconds. The processed image will be displayed that can be downloaded in 0.25 megapixels only without signup. But if you want high resolution image, you need to create an account and purchase any of their plan. One photo at a time is allowed to remove background. If you want bulk editing, you can download their Windows software.


The last one is Slazzer that offers drag and drop feature to remove image background. With this tool, you can remove background of JPG, JPEG, and PNG format images. To get started, you will have 2 credits which will only remove background of 2 images. If you want more credits, you need to purchase their monthly or per image plan. The plan prices starting from $13 with 100 credits a month to $1,999 with 50,000 credits a month. What attracts us in this tool is you can edit the photo and change background, add paint, and blur the background. Moreover, in free to paid plans Photoshop extension is integrated which no other tool has yet introduced. To remove background create an account today!