Global e-commerce statistics show there will likely be $4.8 trillion in online sales this year. Customers place orders on your website for dropshipping items, which will be fulfilled by your dropshipping suppliers. It might be challenging to stand out in a highly competitive niche, particularly if you don’t know where to begin.

So how can you develop an ideal dropshipping marketing plan? And what are some effective strategies for marketing your dropshipping company? Here, we are going to cover 12 great dropshipping marketing strategies to boost your store and increase sales.

  1. Create attractive product descriptions 

Use specific and compelling content to highlight your items and encourage customers to purchase them, especially if you are selling a variety of expensive goods. Therefore, creating unique product descriptions and learning how to make duplicate product descriptions more search-engine friendly are key for your business success..


  1. Build your LinkedIn profile

You will be able to connect with individuals in the industry and organisations that share your interests. Additionally, this might assist you in receiving referrals from both your customers and other individuals you have worked with. Similarly, this platform is perfect if you need to connect with others to get assistance so that your firm may keep expanding.

  1. Add user testimonials and rankings

Gaining the audience’s trust is one of the significant obstacles that each dropshipping company encounters. Customers are sometimes cautious of new dropshipping stores, so they need to ensure that the products they want to purchase are of high quality. This is why evaluations and testimonials that are readily accessible are so crucial.

Positive reviews make it much simpler for consumers to make the final decision on purchasing, and reviews help customers develop trust.

You may always capture screenshots of client reviews from your supplier’s shop and put them on your website if you’re just beginning your dropshipping business. Many Aliexpress dropshipping shop owners engage in this practice. You may replace this photo with your review section if you’ve been able to produce a few stellar evaluations of your own.

  1. Construct a customer acquisition strategy

If your logistics costs are cheap while dropshipping, your company will be worthless, and no one will know about it. It begins with recruiting clients, much like a digital marketing campaign.

Aesthetics and content should entice Internet consumers to learn more about the goods you sell and convey security and trust by including contact information and plain-text messages. Additionally, given that a large portion of product inquiries and online purchases are presently performed from mobile devices, you should ensure that the design of your website is adaptable. Make sure your digital marketing funnel is well thought out.

  1. Pick up discarded carts

It would help if you discovered how to convert abandoned shopping carts into dropshipping revenue. Several things may cause cart abandonment. For instance, when there are too many steps to complete before they can input their credit card information and confirm their transaction, some internet users lose interest in making a purchase.

Others hesitate to place their order when they lack sufficient knowledge of the business or delivery conditions, their chosen payment option is not offered, or the delivery prices are too high.

In other words, a buyer’s interest in a product may be converted into an actual sale with the help of conspicuous information and a selection of payment options.

  1. Greetings from Email Marketing

It’s great to get the email addresses of your targeted audience before letting them know about your latest update. By emailing them deals, promotions, and updates, you may stay in contact with them.

For example, the Deputy theme has over 47 add-ons, including the Newsletter Pop-up. It would help if you had this add-on to collect your clients’ email addresses.

But why would your clients give you access to their emails? I’m sure they won’t want to get emails with sales pitches. True, but clients are always open to offers of freebies and discounts.

Please give them a coupon code or some freebies to encourage people to share their emails. Use their emails once you have them.

Use gender, age, and interest categories to divide your subscriber list. You may use it to create and distribute carefully tailored messages to each group section.

  1. Make your clients want to return

It’s no longer a secret that getting new customers is far more expensive than keeping existing ones. Once you’ve persuaded him to enjoy your goods or services, it won’t be difficult to convince him again. How can drop-shippers keep their clients and increase sales? Here are some tips to get him to return to your website:

Provide private-label products: Create your brand by investing in private-label products or custom packaging. Find dropshipping vendors that can assist in producing goods with your label or packaging.

Generate a newsletter: It helps to provide information about your most recent blog posts and shopping announcements;

Animate your social networks: a helpful Facebook post may bring you a few hits, boost your shop’s visibility, and persuade a few consumers to make a return visit. In other words, the client remembers you.

Offer a present: A gift is essential in business, as it is in any personal interaction, whether tangible or digital, merely promotional or not. It establishes a mutually beneficial connection and demonstrates your appreciation for your client. If you want suggestions, choose a practical daily present that won’t wind up in the garbage or a closet;

  1. Use paid advertisements

According to statistics from the most recent year, sponsored advertisements are doing well and driving many visitors to the website. Social media and display ads are crucial for a company to succeed online. Meanwhile, attracting the appropriate number of customers and sales is helpful. Ads let you easily select and find your target viewers.

Paid advertisements might be a great option if you’ve just launched a brand-new dropshipping company with goods that may help users with their concerns. With its advantages, you may be more particular and quickly direct the correct audience to your website.

You could define your objective, budget, audience, and other options with the help of Facebook advertising, Google ads, Instagram ads, and other services. You need to choose where your advertisements will appear according to your needs. Moreover, you could select the demographics, interests, and more to make your promotions more accessible based on information from target market research. 

Here is some advice to improve your paid advertising efforts: Make videos for your sponsored advertisements. High-quality visuals in video content make it possible for viewers to engage with and click on your advertisements.

  • Identify the demographics of your contact list. Businesses prioritise growing their email list because they understand the benefits it may provide. You may submit an email to run targeted advertisements and engage with your target audience.

Most businesses cease utilising sponsored advertisements because they believe they are losing money. However, being patient will enable you to achieve more significant outcomes.

  1. YouTube Video Marketing

In the list of social media platforms,  YouTube receives the second-highest volume of visitors. Over 2.6 billion people use it each month. People use it daily to view more than 1 billion hours of video. Videos are fantastic if you want to persuade people to purchase your goods—80 per cent of consumers who see a product’s video go on to buy it.

Make interesting product demonstration videos to demonstrate its benefits to customers before they purchase it. Address all the queries and worries that prospective clients could have.

Check out the Apple phone approach. Not in the least bit boring, this video is quite captivating.

What’s the best thing? While enticing the viewer to purchase it immediately, it answers all the queries regarding the product.

  1. Take advantage of content marketing

Blogging is the most straightforward technique to increase organic traffic for your website when choosing a cost-effective marketing plan. The main target of content marketing is to produce and distribute educational and problem-solving information for users.

The main targets of content marketing are to drive traffic to your dropshipping website, establish a solid online presence, and boost sales. If customers use the internet and your company provides information that solves their problems, your customers and revenue will increase.

Your search engine optimisation technique will be essential to ranking your blogs at the top. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a way that allows website owners to improve their web pages for search engines. You need to concentrate on search engine optimisation to rank your blog post at the top of SERPs.

  1. Influencer marketing to reach a larger audience

Find an influential person in your field first. Let’s imagine that you market cosmetics. Therefore, you’ll need to track down influencers who provide various beauty tutorials. Alternatively, if you offer fitness equipment, you’ll need to work with influencers who are fitness obsessives.

Plan your budget and present your concept to them. The influencers are in charge of the remainder. They’ll write articles, highlight items, and include your website or product links and profile in their posts.

  1. Concentrate on retargeting clients

96% of the people who visit your dropshipping website won’t buy anything on their first visit. It will help if you retarget every visitor who comes to your website rather than merely hoping for purchases from the remaining 2 per cent and concentrating your dropshipping marketing efforts on attracting new visitors.

Retargeting displays relevant ads and dropshipping marketing materials to website users who have seen your page but have not yet taken action. After customers leave your online store or website, these advertisements appear on other websites. After being retargeted, visitors should have a 70% greater likelihood of purchasing on your website.

Retargeting for dropshipping must take advantage of precisely crafted display adverts. These display advertisements must feature an attention-grabbing retargeting title or hook. It could be, “Still interested in purchasing me?” and offer a picture of the item the visitor was considering.


Dropshipping looks pretty straightforward to enter the eCommerce market. However, mastering dropshipping requires a lot of commitment and effective dropshipping marketing strategies. So don’t ignore the dropshipping marketing component if you want your company to succeed rather than fail like many others.

And the competition in e-commerce has been fierce. Dropshipping companies sometimes fail because they can’t effectively advertise their shops. Thus, businesses can use the above-discussed techniques to convert a prospect to generate quality leads and boost sales and profit.

Anyway, good luck with your sales in 2022!