The party planning experts are here to tell you that throwing the perfect party comes down to a formula of factors. From picking great party tunes to providing guests with something to focus on, you’ve got to hit quite a few marks to throw a party they’ll never forget.

However, one thing people tend to underestimate when they’re planning a party is location. Even if you’ve got great food and great drinks, your party may be hampered by a subpar location.

So, what are the best places to throw a party? What are a few locations worth considering that you may have overlooked?

Read on as we discuss the ten best places to throw a party.

1. Your Favorite Restaurant

Are you planning a dinner party but don’t want to cook for all those guests? Skip finding a caterer and contact your favorite restaurant or bar. Plenty of restaurants offer one or more private rooms that will allow your invited guests to enjoy a seated and served dinner without feeling overcrowded. 

2. Poolside

Are things getting hot in your neck of the woods and you want to celebrate? Invite your guests to hit the pool with you, making sure to provide great hot-weather food, ice-cold drinks, and beach towels galore. If you’re hosting a party at a pool other than your own, make sure to inquire about any food or beverage restrictions before planning your menu.

3. On a Boat

Looking to live the luxurious life? Whether or not you’ve got your own boat, you can still throw killer private gatherings out on the open water with affordable boat rentals. Grab a cooler, some sunblock, and your portable speaker to keep the party vibes going well beyond the dock.

4. A Local Barn

Believe it or not, a barn makes the perfect social setting when you want to throw a pretty massive party without disturbing the neighbors. Do a quick internet search to see if you can rent out any barns in your area. If you love the rustic look and want to spend a night under the wide-open sky with all your closest friends, you’ll love a good old-fashioned barn party. 

5. An Arcade or Bowling Alley

Having fun, getting silly, and playing games aren’t just for kids’ birthday parties (although it is a great option for them, too). If you have an arcade or bowling alley in your town, find out if they do private gatherings or if you can guarantee enough space for you and all of your invited guests. Then, shell out some dough for you and your friends to spend a few hours embracing the playful side of life.

6. A Local Park

Not all parties need to cost a fortune to throw and sometimes, the simpler, the better. Throwing a party at a park comes with a number of pros, not the least of which is having an excuse to break out some classic picnic food. Find out in advance if there are grills, pavillions, or even outdoor kitchen spaces that you can rent in advance to ensure that you’ll have all the equipment you need to cook up a great meal.

7. An Upscale Movie Theater

If you and your friends or family love to kick back and watch movies together, why not make an event of it? Plenty of movie theaters allow you to rent out a theater for private use and many of them allow you to pick your movie of choice–even ones that aren’t running anymore. While most movie theaters do allow this, consider a more upscale movie theater that will have better ambiance, better drink choices, and possibly even better food.

8. An Art Gallery or Museum

Perhaps you have always dreamed of hosting a formal party but never knew what event spaces would set the mood. You may not realize this, but many art galleries and museums will allow you to rent out the space after hours and may even provide catering, as well. What could be more classy and formal than dining amongst the greatest artworks of our time?

9. Right at Home

Perfect your indoor-outdoor living experience with a double pane sliding glass door and get ready to party your socks off. Rarely is there any better place to throw a party than your very own home. What other event spaces will let you control everything from the lighting to the music to the food and drink?

10. A Classic Event Venue

Depending on the size of your guest list or the parameters of your party planning, you may be best in the hands of a true event venue. While this often requires hiring the party planning vendors such as disco dance floors, caterers, and lighting experts, classic event venues are often able to accommodate the largest number of guests. Plus, you can work with experienced event planners who know how to make their venue shine.

What Are Your Favorite Places to Throw a Party?

Party planning is no small chore and if you haven’t done it in a while (or at all), you may find yourself at a loss for where to start. Remember that the easiest way to make a party unforgettable is by throwing it in an unforgettable place! Which places to throw a party inspire you most?

Once you’ve picked your party venue, it’s time to think about how you’ll entertain your guests. Take a look at our entertainment section to find out what’s trending and how to please a crowd.