Tommy Tallarico Oofsound describes why this sound effect was removed by Roblox.

Are you familiar the Roblox sound “oof?” Who created this sound? Roblox users across the United States region and elsewhere are disappointed to learn that the long-lasting heard sound of “oof” has been removed from the game.

You can find the explanation for the removal of a two-second sound clip here. We’ll discuss all details in Tommy Tallarico Oofsound.

What do you think of the “Oof!” sound from Roblox?

Roblox’s official Twitter account announced today that one of their most loved game sounds was being made. The announcement was made on July 27th, 2022 at 2 :37 AM and is already breaking the internet as well as the hearts of its fans.

Roblox must inform users that the sound of “oof” was removed from the game because of licensing issues. The game’s replacements will use the default sound. However, players will soon have the ability to use additional sound.

Tommy Tallarico Roblox “oofing” sound is back!

At this point, the answer is “no”. The “oof”, which is the sound that players hear when they die, can be heard. The sound is actually from the 2000s videogame Messiah and was made by Tommy Tallarico who is the CEO of Intellivision.

Tommy noticed an “oof sound” in Roblox’s early 2020s. Roblox and he came to an agreement where the developer who was using the sound would have pay $1 or $100 Robux to be able to legally use the sound.

He stated that he would also generate more Roblox-paid sound. The news about Tommy Tallarico Oof sound being taken from Roblox indicates that there are some issues with this agreement.

Twitter confirmed that it was a licensing issue. However, this is a sad development for its fan. We hope the licensing problem is resolved soon so players can reclaim the dying sound.


Roblox Corporation has created Roblox, which is the most widely-used gaming platform. It quickly became the game of choice for those who missed Minecraft. And its popularity increased exponentially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The reputation of the platform was made by the news of Tommy Tallaricooof Soundeffect, which was taken from one of their games. The platform lets you create your game and play others’ games with friends and groups. More than 170million people of all ages are currently using the gaming platform.


Roblox has now removed its “oof” sound, which used to be heard when players died in the game due to licensing issues. This isn’t something that users will be happy about. However, the company promises more interesting sounds in future.