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Do you love DIY projects? Do you love to spend your weekends making innovative stuff? Are you looking for tools to buy online in the United States – Did you know?

Did you know the contents of the About Us’ section were stolen from many websites including and It is also possible to copy its privacy policy from many websites. For more information, see this Tomev Review.

Brief: sells hand tools and gardening products online. However, the website’s mission is vague and can be used for any product or service.’s low Trust, Alexa, and Business ranking may indicate that it is a SCAM. Let’s talk about it below. is an e-commerce platform that combines imports and exports in order to allow worldwide shipping of high-quality, high-quality products. To provide satisfactory customer service, it emphasizes speed of processing and customer service. sells:

  1. There are 15 types of gardening tools.
  2. Twenty-five types are available in the Hand Tools category
  3. There are four types:
  4. Six types electric and folding two-wheelers

Features determining Is Tomeev Legit:

  • Shop for Garden and Hand Tools at
  • Social media Links at Tomeev:unspecified
  • Prices: between $8.00 and $90.05. It does not offer unreasonable discounts.
  • Bulk buying options:unspecified on Tomeev.
  • Physical Address:Supic Company Limited at 85 Tottenham Court Road and 85 Tottenham Court Road in Greater London-W1T4TQ. Genuine address, as the company acknowledges orders placed by mail.
  • Customer Reviews and Blogs:only customer reviews are supported in part by Tomeev.
  • Terms, Conditions and Mentioned clearly on Tomeev.
  • Privacy policy:present, but plagiarized by Tomeev.
  • Phone (or Whatsapp) details:unspecified at Tomeev.
  • Store locatorTomeev does not have a store locator
  • Tomev Reviews Help and FAQ: Unspecified on Tomev.
  • Delivery Policy Tomeev will deliver orders via DHL/EMS within 3 to 10 business days.
  • Shipping Policy Tomeev takes 1.5-3 Days for shipping
  • Cancellation PolicyTomeev accepts cancellations before orders ship.
  • TrackingTomeev sends the tracking number to Additionally, you can check the status at
  • Return policy:Tomeev allows returns up to 14 days after receipt in the original condition.
  • Restocking fee on Tomeev:unspecified
  • Tomeev’s Refunds Policy: Tomeev will issue a full reimbursement to the original mode of payment for returns that are accepted. However, there is no mention of the refund timeframe.
  • Tomev Reviews email address:[email protected]. It is not a business bank account.
  • Method of Payment:via Visa or MasterCard, MasroCard. Discover, UnionPay. in USD, GBP. CAD. EUR.
  • Newsletters Supported By Tomeev


  • Tomeev provides free shipping when you spend more than $30
  • Tomeev also included product specifications, images, as well as product videos.
  • Tomeev offers a variety of payment options in foreign currencies


  • Poor user interface of Tomeev. It did not offer sorting or filtering options.
  • Flawed logic of Tomeev allows users to order infinite amounts of the same item.
  • Tomeev slams PayPal payment mode at check-out

Is Tomeev Legal ??

  • Tomev Creation: 26th Juni 2022 at 5:53.27
  • Tomeev is twenty years old.
  • Tomeev. Last updated at: 26th Jun 2022, 5:53:27.
  • Tomev expiry: 26th Juni 2023 at 5:53.27
  • Tomev’s life expectancy:domain expires after 11 months or 10 days.
  • Trust Index Tomev’s trust score is terrible at 1%
  • Business RankingTomeev has the terrible 1.7% rank.
  • Source of Origin:Tomeev is registered in China, which is a high-risk area.
  • Status Of Blacklisting Tomev has not been blacklisted.
  • SSL StatusitsIP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 66 day.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 25%.
  • Threat Profile80%
  • Phishing Score40%
  • Malware Score80%
  • Tomev reviews Spam Score20%
  • Contact person:unspecified @ Tomeev
  • Connection Security:Tomeev uses valid HTTPS connections.
  • Social Relations: Tomev pages are not available on social media.
  • Identity and Contact of the Owner:Redacted To protect privacy services, we hide the identity and contact details of Tomev’s owner.

Customers Review:

One YouTube review and six reviews on indicate that it may be a Scam. was ranked Zero by Alexa. View Credit Card Diddles now that Tomeev accepts credit cards payments.

Customer reviews, social media and the internet do not contain ratings and user reviews. has not yet rated product reviews.


Tomev Review concludes that a Scam. has terrible Trust Index, Business and Alexa Ranking. scores high on Malware and Phishing. Suspicion profiles are also high, which can compromise user data security and device security. has not provided any testimonials. The internet did not have any user reviews or ratings. Please Check Out PayPal Diddles to Avoid Scams

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