Steel and glass doors aren’t just aesthetically appealing but extremely functional too. Since they are extremely lightweight with an expensive and high-end look, you can place them anywhere in your home. Moreover, steel and glass doors are the perfect way to make your home cozier by letting in more natural light. 

Here are some steel and glass door ideas that can be used throughout your home internally and externally.

Steel Pocket Doors

Got a small space in your home in Bellevue that seems perfect for a cozy reading corner but no idea how to put it together? Two words: pocket doors. 

Steel pocket doors are made especially for small and compact spaces that can’t fit a traditional swing door. However, not many people opt for steel pocket doors, even if there is plenty of space since they allow you to maximize the area. 

Whether it’s a small attic or waste space under the stairs, put it to use with steel pocket doors and create a book corner or a storage space. 

Pivot Steel Doors

The modern version of pivoting steel doors features a glass front door with a stunning and appealing black steel frame. The frame helps maintain the door’s structural integrity while keeping the glass in its place. 

Most pivoting steel doors are custom made as they must fit perfectly in the space you have available, for it could look like a job-gone-wrong. Its elegant swinging style makes it look and feel sophisticated—something that’s perfect for a Bellevue home.

Barn Style CrittallSteel Doors

Crittallsteel doorsare perfect for such homes. Crittallsteel doors have been making a comeback for a while now. It seems similar to a French steel door, but the placement of horizontal and vertical steel bars is much farther apart. 

Crittallsteel doors are perfect to create clever partitioning with the option to open up the area when needed by sliding the door to the side and bringing it back in place once done. Since it comes in a barn-style frame, it’s ideal for traditional-style homes. However, Crittall steel doors can also complement contemporary homes as they feature large glass panes and sleek, black frames.

French Steel Doors for Dividers

Using wooden panels to create room divisions is a thing of the past now. Theyare too bulky and can make the room look extremely dull and compact. The first rule of making a cozy home is using items that make the space look open and well-lit, such as French steel doors. 

French steel doors are extremely versatile. While it’s a great idea to use it as a room divider, it can also be used as a closet door, bathroom door, or replace one entire wall with it too. French steel doors are lightweight and delicate and go well with different architectural styles.

Oversized Steel Doors 

Oversized steel doors are great if you love making a grand statement. Most oversized steel doors feature a large glass pane that is supported using horizontal and vertical steel bars. 

Your steel door will stand out best with a black frame as it can stand out in any environment or setting. 

Modern Steel Doors

Doors aren’t just for entry and exit anymore. They help homeowners make a statement about their lifestyle and preferences without much effort. Plus, not to forget, with the right front door, your curb appeal can shoot up the sky. 

Modern steel doors are more about maintaining their solid-mainly-steel structure with minimum glass work included. If you’re someone who doesn’t appreciate natural sunlight much, it could be a great idea for you. 

You can ask the craftsman to make cool patterns using metal panels and parts, such as geometric shapes.

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About the Author 

Sandy Adams is a world-renowned architect who graduated from one of Italy’s finest interior design institutions. Soon after that, she started working with famous architects and complied a mind-blowing portfolio, gaining expertise in iron doors for interior and exterior use. 

She is known for helping homeowners find the right iron doors for their home and finds fun ways to incorporate them in their interior for functionality as well as décor.