Get Yanwen tracking information in full with this tool

As their shipments travel, people like to know their condition or whereabouts. It’s easy to track your shipments while they’re in transit. Yanwen tracking can be easily done using Ordertracker. Tools like Ordertracker are interesting as they offer users a variety of advantages.

The Beijing Yanwen Logistics company is a reputable entity with a presence in 50 cities in China. They have been providing courier services for 24 years. They employ different modes of transport to get packages to their destination. They hold permits for both business mail and international express.

With the Ordertracker tool, it is easy to retrieve information about your package. This tool offers universal tracking services on a web platform. This tool also gives you precise information about your package. This article will enlighten you on how to follow your items as they are shipped. The tracking number for your item is all you require to complete this.

What are the most popular destinations?

You may send items to a variety of international destinations through Yanwen. More than 180 nations around the globe get daily shipments from China through Yanwen. Each day, they send 1.5 million packages both domestically and abroad. Some of the most popular destinations include the UK, the US, Finland, Brazil, the Netherlands, and many others. You can follow every package dispatched through Yanwen using the tracking number on their website. It is relatively easy to get this done.

Trailing your package

If you are sending or receiving a delivery, the tracking number comprising nine digits is crucial for understanding the status and location of the item. Type the nine digits into the search field to get started. You will get every information regarding your package. You will be able to see the movement and state of the shipment from pickup to delivery.

Duration of delivery

The time frame of delivery is crucial when providing courier services. Product weight and delivery time have an impact on transport costs. The delivery techniques are explained as follows:

Yanwen Express: This choice expedites the delivery of your package to its intended location.

Yanwen Standard: Also called Yanwen Economic, it is the most used package by e-commerce entrepreneurs. Use of this package is limited to shipments weighing under 2 kg. The estimated delivery period is between 14 and 21 days. It is slower to transport parcels in this category than in the earlier discussed method. This process is cost-effective and reliable.

Yanwen Special line: This is a method of shipping packages by air. Usually, the shipment is transported by air to the destination country. The parcel is delivered to a courier or a postman for final delivery once it arrives in the country. 

It usually takes time to deliver a package under this category. For instance, it takes 12 days to a month to get a shipment to Canada and America from China. Delivery can be made quicker by combining this method with the express option. This method is ideal for faster delivery.

How to reach Yanwen

Yanwen is present in different Chinese cities. Their headquarters is in Beijing. They also have several other branches in many Chinese cities. Their respective customer services email and phone number are [email protected] and 4001085656.

Intercontinental trade is improving by the day with the advent of e-commerce. Logistic service is a serious challenge to this advancement. Buyers and sellers are seeking effective logistic solutions to their daily business challenges. It only makes sense that individuals have access to the best logistic services, as described in this article, given the rise of e-commerce and online shopping.