Much before we talk about using preserved flowers like the preserved rose in glass dome; you must know what exactly interior decoration is. In simple terms, Interior decorating means transforming and changing space with items you like. Some people believe that their home aesthetics are so important to them that they enlist a professional interior designer to choose furniture, wall-coverings, accessories, rugs, and other furniture pieces and accents. In addition, an interior designer helps design a space strategically to make it look refreshing and sophisticated. While it all may seem like a simple job, there’s much more to it to have a stunning result and get your home to look exactly what you are looking for!

Arranging a space using roses is an art, and not everyone can master it. Interior decoration with flowers has charm, but real flowers tend to dry out quickly and lose their beauty. This is why interior decoration designers prefer using preserved roses.

Using Roses in Living Room

When any guest visits home, the living area is the most exposed to where everyone sits. Decoration ideas of living rooms with roses are numerous, and there are multiple places where you can try your skills. For example, place the preserved rose in the glass dome in the sofa’s center or side table. Another amazing idea is to place many preserved roses in a flower vase on the bookshelf. Give your foyers and entrances a new look with the beaded floral window or door frame. If you have some old cutlery, place the dry flowers in them for your eye-catching floral arrangement. You can even place acrylic roses or roses in a box on the dining table as the table’s centerpiece.

Another interesting idea is to take the rose box or basket and fix it to hang the basket upside down from the ceiling. Yet another interesting and latest trend to decorate your living room with roses is that you can draw a photo frame using these dried flowers.

Decorating the Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, the best place to put flowers in the kitchen is the window. But remember, to ensure the longevity of even preserved flowers, you must keep them away from direct sunlight, so, even if you place them by the window, remove them after a day or two. So the next idea is to arrange a bunch of anniversary roses in the vase and put them on the kitchen table. This way, these anniversary roses will remind you of your spouse while cooking, even when they aren’t around.

If you have floating shelves in your kitchen area, then place two or three small flower pots on these shelves with bright-colored preserved roses. They will add a pop of color to your kitchen while adding some new life to the place. Another exciting way to place the flowers in the kitchen is to place them beautifully in your vegetable basket and hang them from the ceiling.

Designing the Bedroom Using Roses

Your bedroom is the most important room in your home and your place to relax and chill after a long day at work. So, who wouldn’t want to give their bedroom a fresh look? Certainly, all of us would want that. Now giving your bedroom a fresh and enchanted look is easy.

Preserved roses appear more or less similar to fresh roses, but they lose their fragrance. Take a look at some of these ways how you can decorate your room with roses.

  • Take a box of long-lasting roses or a bunch of preserved roses in a vase and place them on the nightstand or the dresser. You can select the color of flowers as per your room curtains and bedsheets or furniture to ensure that the interior’s color theme remains uniform.
  • Make a photo frame of everlasting flowers and hang it on your bedroom’s favorite wall, as discussed above. You can also place it above the headboard for a more appealing look.
  • Put a bunch of flowers in a vase and let them rest beautifully on the side shelf.
  • You can also make a wind chime with the flowers to put your creativity into use. Get a circular ring and hang the branches of these blossoms over it in an attractive manner and hang inside the room.

Benefits of Decorating Interiors with Preserved Flowers

With some interior designing tips, and even better if you take assistance from professional interior designers, you can incorporate preserved roses for decoration, and the best part is that they last for an even longer duration. Using them will also give you relief from buying expensive flowers as they will last longer.

In preservation, the original color and texture of roses are retained. Moreover, preserved roses do not need water sprinkling or any form of direct sunlight for survival. You can place them anywhere in the home, office, or commercial space, in a humid environment. All these things make them more economical and long-term choices for interior decoration.

They don’t come with synthetic materials or plastic, making them extremely nature-friendly. The texture of the plant remains intact as if it’s completely fresh while the aging process is controlled or stopped. Not just this, the preserved roses are non-toxic and not hazardous to humans when touched.