Being a clothing reseller can be profitable, provided you market yourself appropriately in front of your target audience. Half of the marketing effort is already made if you choose to sell high-quality fabrics, like Jerzees sweatpants and Jerzees sweatshirts. The other half, however, is the most difficult to make and separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest. Consider different aspects to consider if you want to become a successful reseller.

Get a Good Supplier

Like any reseller business, the first thing you need to do when starting is to find a good supplier for your clothing needs. Since the product you sell is a top brand, you must ensure that your supplier only has original merchandise in stock. 

Checking online for reviews and reputation will help you pick a supplier that could become your long-term partner. Since the reseller business is a game of numbers, you must negotiate a good offer with your supplier. Even one cent more or less could cause your business to fail. Once you decide who your supplier will be, it is time to move on to the critical aspects of the company.

Get a Professional Website Built

The critical aspect of your reseller business will be your website. Your website will be the leading platform you will make your sales on. Therefore, it has to look attractive to customers and offer complex functionalities. For example, when it comes to clothes, people look for specific sizes and colors, so it is essential to include these filters on your website. Potential customers will also want to see how the clothes look on a real human being, so offering as many pictures as possible, including model ones, will help you win more sales. 

Apart from offering a perfect user experience, the website should also be optimized for search engines. For example, it’s vital to rank high in time on the search engine results page to earn free organic traffic. This aspect will be critical since much of your earnings will go into marketing when starting. Therefore, you may need a specialized Search Engine Optimization company to look over your website and optimize it. 

Website speed is another crucial aspect you need to consider. If the pages take more than two or three seconds to load, many visitors will lose interest and leave your website. Since the clothes industry usually revolves around impulse buying, you want the website visitors to get to that Checkout button as soon as possible before changing their minds. An SEO agency can optimize your website’s speed.

Market Your Jerzees Sweatpants

After your website is set up, you can start marketing your products. If you have experience in the digital marketing niche, you can try and do this yourself. If you’re not experienced in digital marketing, it is recommended to collaborate with a specialized web agency. There are many ways to promote the Jerzees sweatpants, but only a few of them proved successful:

  • Google Shopping Ads. These ads are one of the best ways to promote the Jerzees sweatpants on your website. A professional must do the campaign setup and optimize it over time. Google Shopping Ads is centered around paying a bid to Google to display your products on their network. Whenever somebody searches for targeted keywords, such as “sweatpants” or “Jerzees products” your ad will be displayed
  • Social Media Advertising. In the fashion industry, it is crucial to be present on the social networks where your target audience is. Facebook and Instagram are the best two options for your type of business. You should aim for both organic and paid content on these platforms. Since many users are impulse buyers, it is vital to showcase your products on their feeds and turn them into clients

Additional Marketing Tips for Jerzees Sweatshirts

You should apply the strategies explained above for your Jerzees sweatshirts as well. In addition, once you have an established client base on your website, you should target all your buyers with newsletter campaigns. These campaigns aim to make customers buy from you again and grow your brand reputation. For example, you can showcase new products in your monthly newsletter or offer a discount for returning buyers.

Speaking of discounts, a widely-used tactic to attract new customers is offering a discount voucher for their first order when they enter your website. You can make this tactic work even better if you display some sort of timer to the offer, bringing up a sense of urgency. Many visitors do not want to miss out on a discount offer and will make a purchase immediately. However, suppose they don’t make an immediate purchase. In that case, you always have the option to get their email address in exchange for a discount coupon and target the visitor with promotional newsletter campaigns in the future.

Photos Speak for Themselves

No matter how good your website and marketing strategies are, you will find it hard to make sales if you don’t provide high-quality photos of your products. These photos should be made from every product angle and feature a model wearing that clothing piece. For example, for Jerzees sweatshirts and Jerzees sweatpants, your supplier will likely provide you with such photos. 

However, if your supplier cannot provide you with such photographs and you cannot find any license-free pics on the internet, it is best to hire a professional photographer and have them taken. Do not try to sell products without appropriate photos because not only will you not make sales, you will lose the trust of your visitors, and your brand reputation will suffer. In addition, nobody wants to buy a product without seeing it first, even if the customer has a general idea of how the item looks. 

Success in the reseller niche is mainly attributed to selling quality products and having a solid online presence. The best strategy is to work with professionals in the digital industry, from web designers to marketers. Your competition probably does the same, and even if you have a superior product, not having it promoted adequately can cause your business to fail. For example, if you are selling Jerzees sweatshirts and Jerzees sweatpants, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your products. However, you shouldn’t expect immediate success with digital marketing campaigns. Over time, you will surpass your competition and have the chance to be an industry leader in the clothing niche.