Tier 1 visa UK means

Tier 1 visas are part of the UK Points-Based System for immigration and are tailored towards highly skilled individuals wishing to come work or invest in the UK. There are various subcategories within Tier 1, each having unique eligibility criteria and requirements.

Tier 1 visas fall into three distinct subcategories. Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa – Individuals who possess at least PS50,000 in investment funds who wish to establish or take over an established UK business are eligible; Tier 1 (Investor) Visas allow those possessing at least PS2 Million worth of investments who want to invest within the UK market.

Integrating into British society and reaping all its rights and privileges are central aspects of becoming permanent residents in Britain. An ILR grants individuals freedom of residence in regards to work, study and living without time restrictions in UK. However, it’s essential to maintain the ILR status by ensuring compliance with the immigration rules, as any prolonged absence from the UK or engagement in criminal activities can jeopardize the ILR status.

New Rules for Tier 1 Entrepreneurs from 6 April 2015

New Immigration Rules were introduced on 6 April 2015 for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa applications. There is now a stated requirement in the Rules for initial applicants to provide a business plan with their application. (It was always good practice to do so but now the requirement has been formalised.) The relevant words in the Immigration Rule are to the effect that in the business plan the applicant must set out his proposed business activities in the UK and how he expects to make his business succeed.

There are also new requirements for the “genuineness” criteria in the Rules. Previously only initial applicants had to satisfy genuineness criteria, ie that the investment funds are genuinely available to the applicant and are genuinely to be invested in the business. Now the genuineness criteria have been extended to further leave to remain applications and indefinite leave to remain applications, and applicants in these two categories will now have to show that they have established a genuine business that is genuinely trading.

Individuals holding ILR for a certain period, typically five years, may become eligible to apply for British citizenship, further solidifying their ties to the UK. British citizenship provides individuals with many privileges and rights, including access to employment opportunities without restriction and full participation in both political and social life within their adopted nation.