Transporting a bean bag from one place to another might not always be easy, even though they tend to be quite flexible and have lightweight fillings. However, if your bean bags are very large, then moving house with them might be challenging. Bean bags tend to have lots of air pockets inside the filling, which makes them more comfortable to sit on. However, it can also make the bean bag bulky and difficult to transport from one house to the next. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to make the bean bag easier to move. 

Vacuum Packing

Vacuum packing can be a very effective way to pack and move a bean bag from one place to the next more easily. First of all, you will need a heavy-duty plastic bag, which you’ll use to cover the bean bag. Once you have done this, get your vacuum cleaner and place the hose into the plastic bag. Wrap the opening of the plastic bag around to stop any air from escaping. Turn on the vacuum and apply some pressure to the bean bag to get rid of air pockets. It is important to be careful to avoid having the polythene bag sucked into the vacuum, as this can cause damage. The bean bag should gradually deflate; continue until it has been fully compressed, and quickly remove the vacuum before taping the opening. 

Remove the Beans

If you have a very large bean bag like this 5 foot bean bag or you want to replace the filling, for example, if your bean bag is old and the filling is not as springy or as comfortable as it once was, then you might want to consider removing the beans and just transporting the bag. Or, if you are going to keep the beans, removing them from the bean bag and transporting them separately allows you to divide them up into smaller bags, which may ultimately make them easier to move. You can refill them once the move is complete. 

Use a Bean Bag Tool Kit

A bean bag tool kit is another option to consider if you are moving a bean bag from one place to another. They can be purchased online, and are available from general online stores like Amazon or many supermarkets. The kit includes a range of essentials for moving your bean bag including giant plastic bags, a giant cinch duffel bag, and instructions for packing and transporting your bean bag. You can use it to shrink the bean bag as much as possible and move it from one place to another safely. With this kit, you will need to place the bean bag inside the provided duffel bag and complete the vacuum process mentioned earlier. You can then trap the bean bag with the air removed in the provided duffel bag. 

Bean bags are comfortable and generally easier to move around compared to large furniture, but they might still pose some problems. If you are moving with a bean bag, there are a few methods you can use to make it easier.