Are you considering purchasing or adopting a pet gerbil? Since you are on the right track to finding the perfect pet, you deserve a pat on the back. Both expert pet parents who want fewer pet-related obligations and first-time pet parents who wish to test their capacity to handle those responsibilities will find that gerbils make lovely pets.

  1. Should You Get A Young Or Mature Gerbil?

The majority of gerbils that people receive are young. Gerbils that are young (less than ten weeks old) are more likely to connect with you and other gerbils. Verify the gerbil’s age and weight by speaking with the seller. At three weeks, gerbils are often weaned, which implies they are eating solid food and are no longer dependent on their mother’s milk. Never purchase gerbils that young. Waiting till the gerbils reach six weeks old or more is preferable.

You can obtain an older gerbil if you don’t want a young one or don’t care if it’s young or elderly. Gerbils only live two to three years; therefore, you ought to be aware of it. Older gerbils could be harder to socialize with other gerbils and may be harder to get attached to you. That does not preclude the purchase or adoption of them, though.

  1. Gerbils Prefer Company

Gerbils are friendly creatures that live in tight-knit communities with established hierarchies in the wild. Just like everyone else, gerbils enjoy company. Gerbils are prone to experience stress and depression if kept in isolation, which will shorten their lifetime. Since purchasing a massive group of gerbils is naturally tricky, buying a pair is advised. Please pay attention to the couple you were creating, though. In other terms, unless you intend to breed gerbils, you should choose a pair of the same sexes.

Gerbils can occasionally fight due to the previously indicated hierarchy, which is also a standard component of their social interactions. Fighting is more prone to happen in unfamiliar gerbils. As a result, you ought to consider purchasing gerbils from a similar litter. Alternately, because gerbils are little but may be feisty, you should think about separating them if you have gotten gerbils who love to fight.

  1. Food And Water Requirements

You must use high-quality commercial food to feed your gerbil. Try to choose a brand that doesn’t include excessive sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are a gerbil’s favorite food; therefore, if they don’t eat the other ingredients and consume the sunflower seeds only, their nutrition may suffer. The high-fat content of sunflower seeds also runs the risk of making your little gerbil obese. When giving your gerbil water, you should preferably use a water bottle instead of a bowl. Bowls of water are prone to tipping over and being soiled. A water bottle will ensure the water is safe and prevent contaminating the bedding.

Additionally, you must serve small portions of fresh vegetables (avoid iceberg lettuce). Last but not least, never give your gerbil chocolate. If you are unsure whether something benefits it, don’t feed it.

Gerbils are affectionate, entertaining, and social pets with little tendency to bite. They can be active, whether during the day or at night. Because of their intense curiosity and love of exploration, they will probably keep you entertained for a long time. Lastly, the fact that they love living in pairs means twice as much fun.