You might have heard several tales of people recklessly using their credit cards, accruing late payment fees, and building up enormous debts. Still, you can only promptly erase the term if you use it correctly; credit cards can make excellent financial sense. So, people will keep applying for their credit cards, which will be relevant. Still, your expenses might increase unnecessarily if you get more than one credit card, as the basic human nature is being spendthrift when they have abundant funds. Before approaching financial institutions for a credit card, you must comprehend its features to eliminate your anxiety about using several cards. Before applying for any credit card, everyone should be aware of the following factors.

First off, how to define a credit card?

This question might look pretty easy, but still, many people need a clear conception of it. It is applicable for using both credit and debit card Singapore.

These are the payment cards. Financial institutions issue these to their deserving and potential customers. A credit card is a tool people use to borrow money from financial institutions. Within a specific time, you must repay the borrowed and used money.

Further charges or interest will be added to your monthly payments once and if you don’t repay the payable amount in time. Most financial institutions provide online and mobile services to track credit card bills. Keeping an eye on the spending habits of their credit card users also includes the officials’ responsibility.

What can be the consequence of not paying the bill on time?

A section on your monthly credit card statement lists the minimal payment you must make. The amount is typically a portion of your unpaid balance or may vary from place to place.

The borrowers might charge you a late payment fee if you don’t make the minimum payment or break the payment cycle. Even if it is on time, making the minimum payment is wrong. It can cause an increase in compound interest every day. For most financial institutions, the effective interest rate is around 25.9% annually, which can cause your outstanding debt to increase over time to a terrifying amount.

Can people have more than one credit card at a time?

You are allowed to own an unlimited number of credit cards. You can apply for multiple cards from the same financial institution if you are interested. The credit limit will be split among your cards from the same company.

You can also apply for a different credit card from a new provider. You have to submit all the necessary documentation for that. The benefit is that your credit limit is drastically increased.

Before you go:

It is not a smart move to have multiple credit cards concurrently. In that case, staying aware of each credit card’s pay dates and payable amounts will be difficult. Having a single credit card with a borrower-friendly financial institution is best, or you might choose a credit card that suits your lifestyle the best and brings ease in finance management.