Air Purifier

The advent of 3D printers has greatly improved printing technology. Nowadays, an individual can do 3D printing from the comfort of his home. However, there has been a worry about the organic and harmful chemical components released into the surrounding when printing or laser engraving. These components include carbon, particle matters, plastic fumes, ultra-fine materials, and volatile organic compounds. With an air purifier together with an enclosure, we can comfortably print without the worry of releasing harmful components to the environment, which protects our surroundings. Snapmaker air purifier is ideal for purifying these dangerous and toxic components in the surrounding. But what makes the Snapmaker air purifierconsidered one of the best? To answer this question comfortably, one should first know what to look for in the Snapmaker air purifier. Below are some guidelines to guide you before purchasing this air purifier.

1. Filter cartridge

The filter cartridge should be efficient and reliable. It must accurately absorb all the harmful fumes emitted during 3D printing or laser engraving. It should have a G4 filter designed to absorb the coarse components. An F9 filter will absorb the fine materials that the coarse filtration failed to absorb. A carbon air filter uses an activated charcoal filter to filter volatile organic compounds emitted when printing. And lastly, HEPA filters filter out ultra-fine materials that are very harmful to the human body when inhaled.

2. Durability

Most customers consider the lifespan of a product before purchasing the product. With that, nobody would want to buy a product if they knew that it would break down in the next minute and, in one way or another, need replacing or repairing. The same applies when buying a Snapmaker air purifier. You should prioritize the air purifier’s lifespan. Purchasing a long-lasting, efficient, durable air purifier will save one the headache of looking for spare parts for repair or even considering buying a new one for some time. The best air purifier should have a well-arranged filter cartridge with different stages to maximize the cartridge’s lifespan. In addition, it should be full metal, made of CNC milled aluminum, and has its surface anodized to create a static charge on pollutants that will, on the other hand, make the toxic pollutants fall on surfaces and later cleaned.

3. Easy to monitor

The Snapmaker air purifier has a user-friendly monitoring device that allows you to make changes to the design and the fan speed as they progress. The in-build led lights show the user the air purifier’s condition by changing their color, breathing, flashing, and even flowing. If the need arises, it sends signals to the touchscreen to alert the owner on what to do, which can either change parts with new spare parts or replace the entire air purifier. In addition, the speed of the fans should easily be adjusted to your liking with just a tap on the touch screen.

In addition, buying an air purifier from a trusted company should be prioritized. In most cases, these companies have tested these products before releasing them to the market. Snapmaker 2.0 air purifier can be significantly trusted as it ensures that your printer does not accumulate dust. It has all the above features, like portability and a door detection that senses when one opens and closes the door. You will enjoy using other advantageous features, be it in the comfort of your home or workplace. Moreover, it’s advised that you consider buying one with a warranty as this will assure you that it will be taken care of in case you encounter any problem.