Have you ever tried shopping on a brand new website without reading its reviews? Did you get scammed? Today, we’ll talk about a brand-new website. This is the officialgoose website. It’s an online store that sells apparel, drinksware, etc.

This website has received a lot of attention in the United States where people want to verify its legitimacy prior to shopping. This Theofficialgoose com Reviews Article will provide you with all the facts and information about this site.

About Theofficialgoose Website

Theofficialgoose.com was launched in 2022/03/18. This website has a variety of products, including outerwear, clothing for women, headwear, drinkware, and stickers. You will find many items on this website. However, they do not offer any discounts.

Craig Clark appears to have been the website’s proprietor, though not much information about him is available. The contact number and address of the company they are using have not been disclosed. But the website does have social media presence. Next, we will go over the specifications to understand Does Theofficialgoose Com Legit.

Specifications For Theofficialgoose Website

We will be looking at the following points carefully.

  • Payment Mode – Visa MasterCard, American Express, Discover and American Express are available.
  • Shipping Information Products can be shipped within 7-10 business day from the warehouse
  • Address-Clayton NC27520 8325 U.S. HWY 70 BUS West.
  • Contact No- Not available.
  • Email Id- [email protected]
  • Products – Apparel, Drinkware, Headwear, Outwear, Stickers and Clothing
  • Website Link-https://theofficialgoose.com/
  • Domain Established Date- Website was first created on 2022/03/18.
  • Return policy All returns must be made within 30 calendar days.
  • Refund Policies-Refunds will be applied to you account within 3 business day.
  • Newsletter: They have a newsletter option.
  • Exchange Policy Only defective or damaged products may be exchanged.

There are always good and bad sides to any site. Next, we’ll check these points.


  • There are many options for these products.
  • The company address is listed.
  • The website is safe.
  • There are many social media accounts that have huge followers.
  • The Url names and Portal names look similar.

Negative Comments of Theofficialgoose

  • The company address does not exist.
  • No deals will be made.
  • Owner information is not disclosed in-depth.
  • There are no customer testimonials.
  • The website is modern and not traditional.

Does Theofficialgoose.com Really Exist? Are Fake

Let’s now determine whether this website is legit. We’ll draw the parameters that will allow us to do so.

  • Portal Register Date- The site was registered only a few weeks ago, at 2022/03/18.
  • Portal Closing Date- The website will close on 2024/03/18.
  • Policies A few policies are missing.
  • Content quality- The return policy for has been copied and pasted 83% from other sites.
  • Address Verification- This company address is not the same as theirs.
  • Owner details- These people have not provided exact information about the owner.
  • Customer Comment – Feedback is missing.
  • SocialMedia Accounts-Know via Review . Many people follow their social media accounts.
  • Discounts –Discounts is not available
  • Trust score- They only have 8%, which seems very low. This only increases suspicion.
  • Trust rank- The trust rating has not yet been published.

Customer Review

Unfortunately, we couldn’t locate any reviews on this website’s customer feedback. There are reviews anywhere. You cannot find reviews on legitimate review sites, or any normal one.

You cannot also find any evaluations or article-based reviews. Customers can leave comments on their social accounts. This could be due to the fact that this website has just launched. You can also check the reviews at Theofficialgoose.com if there are any problems with your PayPal refund.

Wrapping up

Both of their accounts have huge followers. They have a poor trust score on the website and the physical location is not authentic.

There are not many customer reviews as the website is still in its infancy. Therefore, the website looks suspicious. We’ll ask you not to use the website until we have more information.