Have you ever wanted to scratch a ticket and win the gigantic price recorded in time? Do you always rush to the nearest gas stations or convenience stores and buy a ticket, thinking it’s your lucky day? And moreover, do you always have the number combination in mind that someday will make you a billionaire?

Modern lotteries have some basic elements that are quite simple to distinguish when you get to involve yourself with the game: the Bettors, the Drawing, the Mechanism, and the Rules. You can calculate your chances of winning the lottery, but that might require millions for you to bet on every possible 6-digit combination on a 1 to 49 lottery range. But you can place any amount of ticket bets that you want.

Time and technology only made lotteries more fun and accessible to anyone. These changes led us to these unique modern lottery games from all around the world that are accessible through multiple betting sites.

So, without further ado, here are the four most unique modern lotteries of all time.


Who does not want to be an instant millionaire? It may seem impossible to wake up to a bed filled with a million-dollar, not unless you let Powerball do it for you. Powerball is an American lottery game recognized all over the world. Many online betting sites like Lottoland and GGBet are all over the Powerball lottery game. They make it easy for you to place a bet, and winning has never been easier since.

To participate in the Powerball, you have to go online to your betting site. Buy a ticket for Powerball, choose a 5-digit combination from 1 to 69 and 1-digit from 1 to 26; these are your Powerball numbers. When all six of your numbers are called, you win the accumulated jackpot, which stacks up until someone wins the game. It is that easy. This game is sure to turn your ticket only into millions of dollars in just one draw.

Mega Millions

Just like Powerball, Mega Million is a worldwide lottery game that offers huge prizes when you hit all 6-digits of their drawn numbers. The minimum jackpot prize is $40 million; yes, your $2 ticket bet can be millions in just one lotto play. In record, Mega Millions have reached almost $2 billion of pot money for anyone to grab. This winning can only come from a worldwide lottery game.

Mega Million does not require you to be in America to be able to participate in the betting. Anyone can place their 6-digit number combination wherever they may be in the world. Mega Million currently uses 2 ball sets for their mechanism. The first set of numbers is drawn from 1 to 70, and your numbers should match 5 numbers in this draw. The next set will be from 1 to 25, and this is the Mega Ball which is your last picked number in your ticket.

Lucky For Life

A Lottery game cannot be on this list of unique modern lottery games unless they are different in some way. Lucky For Life is a lottery game that pays you yearly, weekly, or every day if you wish it. The game is prized to everyone even if you do not hit all the drawn numbers displayed as the lotto results.

Choose your numbers to bet on your payslip or bet slip. Enrol them online with $2 per slip, the number of entries is not limited to one, so if you feel like you have more number combinations, then pay them out on your betting site. For Lucky For Life, your range of numbers is from 1 to 48, and a “Lucky Ball” from 1 to 18. Keep your bet slips when the drawing begins and check them when all the numbers are called. The lotto results are always displayed on the sites after every draw.

Lotto America (lotto)

From 1988 to today, Lotto America has been operating and drawing lotto combinations for more than billions of hopefuls around the world. Back then, Lotto America was born from the participation of 7 states, and they initially developed the game over the following years. Powerball eventually emerged with this game re-launching in 2017. The odds being calculated for Lotto America are 1 in 26 million number combinations, making it one of the highest odds of winning.

Lotto America has 9 different categories from which prizes can be won. You have to place your bet or bets online with 5 numbers from 1 to 52, and for your star ball, pick one number from 1 to 10. For additional prizes, you can multiply your win by 2, 3, or even 4. Of course, you will have to pay extra, and the complemented All-Star does not include the first category.

Easy Money

Lottery online is made easier when it comes to betting because you do not have to leave your comfortable seat at home or join the wait-in line just to place your 6-digit combination. Online betting sites are great for everyone around the world to join in the fun of these unique modern lotteries.