Danny Duncan is a famous YouTuber, whose videos have attracted large audiences through publicity. He has also reached astonish levels in the YouTube world and the United States. But, he was brought into more attention after he released a video where his former colleague Sunhatkid was accused of committing a crime.

Have you uncovered the reality about this video? Let’s look at What the Truth is About Danny Duncan in the coming sections.

An overview by Danny Duncan.

Danny Duncan is a 29-year-old famous YouTuber. He has huge fan followings via the popular social network. Due to this, his YouTube channel has attained around 6.9 million viewers. Danny Duncan started his YouTube channel in the year 2014. His main focus is jokes and pranks. He says that the idea behind the channel was to provide viewers with content that would inspire them to laugh and enjoy the experience. He was entertaining the viewers and was a household name for his witty jokes via Prank videos.

But, The Truth About Danny Duncan controversy on abuse is thoroughly explored below.

The controversial part of Danny Duncan

The well-known ex-employee from Danny Duncan accused him of physical assault. He was Aaron Hall, a popular creator of content.

On the 1st day of December 2021 Sunhatkid released a video with a controversy. While Aaron had shared his experience with his friend but he also saw positive qualities about Danny in the video. He said that Danny was a good person and had done a number of actions that strengthened Danny a lot. But many of the things that weakened him. Danny.

The video on the channel Sunhatkid channel was titled “The Truth about Danny Duncan.

Accusation: Highlighted points

  • Sexual abuse: Sunhatkid cites the physical abuse suffered by Danny in the numerous incidents in the following manner:
  • Hit him in the head when they were wrestling section. This caused him to bleed and create a lump on the top of his head.
  • Danny hit him in the head for his inability to complete skateboarding chores.
  • He sat down with a knife and placed it around his throat.
  • Remove influencers from the list: Danny made him unfollow the influencer and sign a 10 year agreement to the network. This restriction entitles Sunhatkid to work together with different channels. Thus, a loss of 20 percent on his earnings total.

Why is The Truth About Danny Duncan the latest trend?

Aaron Hall has placed his pole on Youtube through his channel titled Sunhatkid. Sunhatkid earned a name due to his humorous attitude when performing skateboard tricks. Sunhatkid was a well-known figure on his channel Danny Duncan channel and was engaged in many activities on his videos. In his most recent video, he criticizes his experts for using him for a prank. The viewers are confused and are trending today.

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The final thought

This article was aimed at educating the truth behind Danny Duncan controversial topic. Many of the fans of Danny Duncan and Sunhatkid are concerned by this allegation. We ask you to express your opinion about the accusations made by Aaron toward Danny. In addition, Danny had not opposed the allegations against him.