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When you’re trying to grow your social following, likes and followers are the first things on your mind. But how do you get them? Do you buy them? Social media is a game of numbers. Site The more likes, followers and views you have, the more people will take notice of your page and ultimately become followers themselves. However, while buying social media likes and followers might seem like an easy way to appear more popular than you actually are, it isn’t necessarily a good idea. In this post we’ll cover why that is, as well as a few tips on how to grow your social following organically.

Why Buying Social Media Likes and Followers is a Bad Idea

Before we get into the nitty gritty of why buying social media services isn’t the right thing to do, let’s first look at why you’d want to avoid it altogether. The main reason is that most companies that sell these services are actually fake bot accounts. This means any likes or followers you gain from them aren’t real people at all—they’re computer generated accounts that don’t actually exist. In fact, these bot accounts can sometimes get your page banned from social media sites entirely. You might also end up paying a lot of money for very few followers, likes or views, which defeats the whole point of buying these services in the first place.

What You Should Know About Buying Social Media Services

As we mentioned above, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into when you buy social media services. Fake bot accounts are one thing, but there are a few other red flags you should keep an eye out for. – Avoid buying followers – While it might seem like a smart idea to buy followers to increase your numbers, it’s not a good long term solution to your problem. Having too many followers can actually hurt your reputation, and make social media sites more likely to ban you. – Avoid buying cheap likes – You should also avoid buying cheap likes, as they might not even show up on your page. Buying cheap likes is also a good way to get your page banned from social media sites. – Avoid buying views – You should also avoid buying views. There’s no telling how many people will actually see the videos you’re trying to get views for, and again you run the risk of getting your page banned from social media sites.

How to Grow Your Social Following the Right Way

Before we get into how to grow your social following organically, it’s important to know what not to do. This will help you avoid silly mistakes that could hurt your reputation and get your account banned from social media sites. – Don’t buy followers – As we mentioned above, it’s not a good idea to buy followers. If you have too many, social media sites will notice and may even ban you. – Don’t buy bots – Don’t buy fake bot accounts either, as they’re definitely a red flag. If these accounts ever get shut down, they could take all of your followers with them. – Don’t engage in black hat techniques – Don’t break any rules or engage in black hat techniques, like engaging in clickbaiting or using bots. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can and will ban you if you break their rules. – Don’t use fake profiles – Last but not least, don’t create fake profiles just to increase your likes and followers. You’re only going to hurt your reputation and get banned as a result.

3 Steps to Help Grow your Following the Organic Way

Now that we’ve covered the do’s and don’ts of how to grow your following, let’s dive into the 3 steps you can take to boost your social presence organically and without buying fake followers or likes. – Create engaging content – The best way to boost your presence on social media is to create engaging content. This will help you get likes, shares and views naturally, as well as bring in new followers. – Be consistent – If you want to really see results, you need to be consistent. Posting once a week isn’t enough, though once a day is probably too much. Try to post 3-4 times a week and you’ll be in good shape. – Interact with your followers – Interacting with your followers is also an easy way to get more out of social media. Not only will this help you grow your following and reputation, but it also gets you out of the social media and into the real world, which is a great thing.

Bottom line

Buying social media services can come with some serious consequences, and isn’t a good way to grow your following, likes or views. Instead, create engaging content, be consistent, and interact with your followers to boost your social presence organically, and without breaking any rules or getting your account banned.