As I shopped at the mall last week, I was mesmerized by the cardboard-basedcustom packaging boxes available for packaging. It had been a while since I had taken a day off from work to pamper myself and enjoy the day. As I was talking to my friend Jennifer, she also complained about hectic work schedules and not getting enough time to buy new clothing options according to the changing season. So both of us decided to take a day off and go on a shopping free.

We informed at our respective offices three days prior and met for breakfast at “Harry’s Café” a comfortable café near the mall. We have been going to this café for the past decade. After breakfast, both of us enjoyed an hour-long manicure and then headed to the mall. We shopped for the new season and got clothes packed in the fabulous custom packaging boxes.

Retail Packaging Boxes

Post-pregnancy I had put on weight while Jennifer had shed her extra pounds this winter and wanted to show off her toned body in fabulous new attires. We sifted through the newest collections for the season, one brand after another. We got dresses from our favorite brand, which had versatile product lines under one roof. I wanted a few summer dresses for post-working hours.

I feel the most comfortable in these dresses, which are breathable and comfortable. They were packed in equally impressive custom retail packaging boxes. These custom boxes were printed in summer themes with blossoms and birds. Birds and blossoms were highlighted on custom retail packaging with the help of Spot UV Coating. We even brought crisper clothing options for work from this retail. I invested in three dress shirts that were packaged in custom retail packaging with proper inserts for collars etc.

Customized Jewelry Packaging

After shopping for clothes, we then proceeded with checking out jewelry for ourselves. We both wanted to check out a few options in jewelry that could be worn to work. Jennifer had an interview in the coming week and she wanted to buy subtle jewelry that was appropriate for the workspace. We sifted through small and delicate jewelry items that were packaged in dainty custom jewelry boxes. Although she loved the latest design in the big loops that came in amazing custom jewelry packaging, she knew better than buying it.

Fancy jewelry options like these did not leave a good impression at the interviews. She also wanted to check out the options in tennis bracelets for her SIL. We checked out a few designs of bracelets. There was one in white and silver, which Jennifer liked and wanted to give to her SIL on her birthday. It came in impressive custom jewelry packaging.

I loved thecustomized jewelry packaging of this pretty bracelet. The entire range was packed in small custom rigid boxes. These boxes in white and silver looked like mini-gems sitting on the shelves. They could be opened, easily and had a magnetic closure attached. The interior of the boxes was lined with red velvet. I knew that Jennifer’s SIL would love receiving and unboxing this gift.

Packaging Gift Boxes

I would be excited to receive such an amazingly packed gift myself. As I looked around the retail shop, I realized that almost all boxes were customized, in different ways. But the signature branding elements comprising logos, tagline, and fonts were the same for every custom box. I was sure that I would be able to recognize this brand if I saw their recurring theme elsewhere.

As we hurried back to the salon for our pedicure session Jennifer and I discussed how much the packaging industry has evolved. The retails do not have to put up with inappropriate sizes in packaging boxes to pack the items customers bought. In fact, they can now make use of branded custom packaging conveniently. Because of these customers prefer these custom boxes over other packaging options.