Discord beta Scam gives you detailed information about these scams as well as simple steps to stop them.

What do you know about scams? The scam could be sent as a text message. Sometimes the scammers will disguise themselves as software upgrades in the form normal text messaging applications.

Discord is a popular instant messaging application that was developed in the United States. People have been hacked into their accounts and witnessed scams. We will now examine one such discord beta scam.

The Scam

Discord allows users to instantly communicate via instant messaging apps. They can use audio, text, or video chats. Discord releases new versions periodically, including beta, alpha, and other beta. Every version will contain some new features. Discord’s beta version includes an upgraded “profile customization” feature. People can now customize their profile. They also get a beta tag.

However, the beta tag became so popular that people started looking for shortcuts. So hackers circulated hacking codes asking people to download them so they could get a beta label. This was the heart of the beta scams.

Discord beta Scam.

The hackers provide obscure codes that are difficult to understand. People will download the files to their computers to be updated. However, these fabricated codes are programmed to hack accounts. People cannot see them.

These codes will be linked to hackers’ website. They will then steal personal information and hack the victim’s profile. This scam has been in operation since May 2021. Discord’s messaging platform did not take any serious action against the hackers, which is surprising.

Hack Codes

Many Discord Beta Scam is trending online. Many scams can thus be avoided because the topic is brought to light. The main perpetrator of these scams are the obfuscated Codes. When the codes are downloaded, they start to scam. We de-obfuscated codes and found that hackers actually used terms such as “login”, username”, “token”, etc.

They want personal information to be stolen. Some scammers even send random messages to the victims in an attempt to steal their money. The same goes for nitro scams and token scams.

How can you prevent it

You can avoid Discord Beta scam by following these steps

  • You should report any suspicious active community that encourages beta tags and customization. They could take steps to remove such community groups.
  • It is mandatory to change your password and login details after you have downloaded fake obfuscated code.


The Discord messaging app is associated with many scams. Discord is safe but users should be cautious about Discord Beta Scamm scams and other scams. Because the internet is as dark as a Marina Trench, it is not impossible to get into Discord. It is important to be more responsible. Get more help with

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