Substance dependence has become a prevalent issue in modern societies, and it only seems to increase. The Healthcare sector and media run multiple campaigns highlighting the dire impact of addiction; still, it is continuously taking more and more people in its wake. The sad part is many teenagers are also becoming an addict. Melbourne rehab now unfolding as an effective firm to get addicts out of their alcoholism.

Most people start consuming drugs or alcohol, thinking that they can easily give up the substance. They overestimate their power and do not realize that these harmful substances make you dependent on them and slowly ruin your life. Giving up an addiction is not easy as addicts feel withdrawal symptoms and often experience a relapse. You must be aware of common addictions and their symptoms to avoid them.

Here are the most common addictions:

  1. Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a prevalent addiction among people. Although almost everyone is aware of the harmful effects of alcohol abuse, people start consuming it occasionally, as it is socially acceptable. Alcohol users do not realize its consequences overnight. Before they know it, they have already become dependent on it.

Alcohol clouds users’ judgment, blur their boundaries, and you may end up committing grave crimes. Alcohol addicts need proper help and may require long-term treatment. It would be better to read about “Addiction Guide” to understand the program before opting for it.

  1. Nicotine Addiction

Unfortunately, many people do not consider nicotine as destructive as other drugs. It is addictive, and long-term usage can harm your lungs significantly. Besides, tobacco users claim more extended lives than other addicts; thus, they consider it harmless. Many people pick up smoking because of peer pressure, and then it becomes their habit. Gradually, they become chain smokers, and nicotine consumption proves more harmful than they can imagine. Giving up smoking is comparatively easy than overcoming other addictions; however, you may require proper treatment in severe cases.

  1. Cocaine Addiction

Another common substance among the high class is cocaine, which is relatively expensive. The good part is that the rate of cocaine addiction is on the decline; however, it is happening very slowly. The drug is the root cause of many health issues and can cause severe harm to the heart. Crack cocaine is readily available and is generally mixed with baking soda or other cheap substances. Both cocaine and crack cocaine are dangerous and have claimed many lives.

  1. Heroin Addiction

Experts consider heroin the most destructive drug. A single dose of heroin can cause significant harm as it makes people addicted. Furthermore, withdrawal symptoms of heroin are severe, and people overcoming heroin addiction find it extremely hard to break free from the substance. Most people try heroin out of curiosity and consider their nerves strong enough to resist the urge. However, withdrawing from heroin is more challenging and can be a terrible experience.

Substance abuse can cause livers, kidney, or lung diseases. Furthermore, users frequently share needles, which can spread HIV, hepatitis B, and C. Heroin addiction is a serious problem that demands tenacity and commitment to conquer.

  1. Marijuana Addiction

Commonly known as cannabis, marijuana is a widely grown drug that is readily available and trafficked illegally. Since the minor use of substances can heal some health problems, several states of the US have legalized its usage. Still, we cannot deny that the substance is addictive and can cause harm to people’s cognitive abilities. Moreover, prolonged consumption of marijuana can cause permanent memory damage and other health issues.

  1. Video Game Addiction

The modern world is facing a rise in video game addicts. People have an insatiable need to keep playing video games. When addicted people are unable to play video games, they feel irritated, frustrated, and angry. Sleep deprivation, food disorders, poor vision, and intolerance are all symptoms of addiction. Video game addiction is less challenging to overcome, but determination is the key.

  1. Painkiller addiction

Many pharmacists prescribe Codeine or Oxycontin to treat pain. They give instant relief, and people start taking them on, experiencing slight pain. The seemingly harmless use of painkillers slowly becomes an addiction. You do not realize an addiction problem until you attempt to stop taking them. Overcoming painkiller addiction is relatively easy, but people need to demonstrate perseverance.

How to Beat Addiction?

With proper treatment, most people can overcome addiction; however, it does not mean that the path to recovery is free of bumps. Addicts experience withdrawal symptoms, feel irritated or frustrated, and become angry. Besides, many people fail to control urges while recovering and often pick up the substance again. Below are a few ways that can help you overcome most addictions:

  • Admit you are in Trouble– The first step is to realize that you need help. Once you have discovered that your addiction is causing harm, you can solidify leaving the substance and working for your health.
  • Select a Treatment Option-Not every addict case requires the same treatment. You need to consult therapists in rehab centers and pick one that suits you well.
  • Jot Down Consequences of Addiction– Understand that addiction cannot bring anything good to you. On the contrary, it will negatively affect your mental and physical health. Since many experts believe that writing down something makes it real, jot down the consequences of addiction. Whenever you urge to use a harmful substance, recall that you have suffered significantly and do not want to start the journey again.
  • Ask for Help– As an addict, you may have lower self-esteem and feel that people feel ashamed of you. The truth is your well-wishers want you to recover and are ready to lend you a helping hand. Discuss that you wish to change and ask for their assistance.

The tips mentioned above help people overcome any addiction and regain health.


Addiction does not lead to anything productive; on the contrary, it has dire consequences. Today, a rising number of people are getting addicted to different things, and despite being aware of the negative impact, they continue consuming harmful substances. Besides, alcohol consumption is not the only addiction problem we face today. People have discovered multiple other toxic substances and have become addicted to them. Overcoming addiction is possible; however, it is tedious. With strong determination, effort, and support groups, addicts can overcome addiction and lead a healthy life.