Naruto is a popular character in Japanese culture. From the moment Naruto Uzumaki was cast as the lead character in The Naruto Chronicles, the world has been abuzz with speculation as to how he would manage to survive his mysterious “death” in the final arc of the Naruto series. Thankfully, that question has been answered years too soon. In the final chapter of The Naruto Chronicles, Naruto Uzumaki finds himself alive and well somewhere in foreign territory, but where exactly… We’ll have to wait and find out. For the first time in nearly four years, fans are getting a second look at the man who almost became the Next Great Shinobi. The Fourth Hokage, who was also a former Uzumaki, shares his thoughts on Naruto, the legends that inspired him, and his final mission in life.

Many feel that Naruto is a taboo character and that his actions are inappropriate. In this review, we’ll explain the background of Naruto, his origin, his motivation, and his later development as a character. We’ll also discuss the start date and the story of Naruto’s manga. Read on for everything you ever wanted to know about Naruto!

The Background

The Genin of Konoha, Naruto Uzumaki was the fourth child and the only son of the late Hokage Itsume Uzumaki. His parents were both longtime ninja, one of them having been a jōnin and the other having been an alternate reality nin, who had died in their service to the current Hokage Gen. Naruto was a bright and happy boy, who loved to play and read, as well as spend time with his clansmen. However, when he was just three years old, his parents died in a raid by the enemy, bringing his life to an abrupt end. When he was just five years old, his clan elders took him under their wing and taught him the ways of the clan, imparting his knowledge and teaching him about applied kikai. During this time, he also started to train in the new Jōnin Exams, which were much more rigorous than the occasional genin exercises he had taken at home. So, when he turned six, he was officially declared a student.


The Origin

The very foundation of the ninja way of life is survival. You can’t just walk away from danger because you don’t know how to cope. And what if you lose that protection and you find yourself in trouble yourself? So, you have to keep looking for opportunities to protect your friends and family. And, what if you use that protection to your advantage and turn into a great ninja? Then, what if you became the greatest ninja in the world? That is where Naruto Uzumaki comes into the picture.


The Motivation

Many see Naruto as a pure hero, who saved all of his comrades from certain death by using his wits and skills to outwit the evil forces. However, others also see him as a misguided, unbalanced, and even malicious young lad who was forced to choose between his true power and his friends.


The Start Date

As we mentioned above, there is a large amount of controversy surrounding the start date of Naruto’s manga. The original version is dated September 8, 1995, and the revised version is dated October 6, 1999. Many feel that the former was rushed, while others believe that the latter was approved much earlier. However, these are both 2003 serial novel volumes, and it’s unlikely that the publication of the latter would have taken place after the release of the first volume.


The Story

Finally, at the coming of age, Naruto Uzumaki turned to the dark side and began to engage in nefarious activities. For a short period of time, he became the primary target of an array of invisible enemies, which included his parents and his fellow students, who became engaged in a heated race to capture him. Eventually, though, a series of events came together that Sasuke Uchiha, the current member of the Uchiha bloodline, tracked down and eliminated. When he was finally captured, Naruto Uzumaki was forced to participate in the Last: Naruto? competition, where he came first in a time that would determine his fate in the afterlife.


What does Naruto think about life after The Last: Naruto?

It was only a matter of time before someone would notice that I was gone. That someone would then notice my clan, and my family and my friends, and then my country. Then, sooner or later, someone would also notice that I was a jinchūriki, and they would be the first to know, and they would be worried. Then, they would be asking questions, and I would be the first to give answers, and we would all laugh. And then, someone else would come along, and we would all live in happy times, and all that was left for me was to wait for the next batch of jinchūriki to come my way.

In the meantime, see what other fans have to say about The Last: Naruto.

The Last: Naruto? is a massive, never-before-looked-at novel written by  Masashi Kishimoto, the founder of The Monthly Shōnen Magazine. It takes place almost  decades after the events of The Last: Naruto, and follows the exploits of a secret society of ninja who survive by remaining invisible. In this world, the clan, which still exists in a world of magic and mystery, is nothing but a dying species. As the only survivors of a once-great race, the Shūnen clan has been forced to live in the present day, though they still have the advantage of being able to use their hidden wisdom to search for other races hidden in the future.

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In this article, we’ll discuss the background of Naruto, his origin, his motivation, and his later development as a character. We’ll also discuss the start date and the story of Naruto’s manga. We’ll finish with a look at the Internet’s favorite character and his many fans, and how he has become an international sensation. Does he deserve to be remembered as a hero or a villain? Let us know in the comments!