Do you enjoy watching TV series in your spare time? The Most Hated-Man is a Netflix series. This Netflix documentary film is based on true events. This has already been viewed by many viewers from the United KingdomUnited StatesIndiaNetherland. For more information on this documentary film, please read the article the Most Hated Person on the Internet imdb. Continue reading until the last word.

What’s really going on behind this documentary film?

Hunter Moore, 24, a Sacramento native, started a website called “Is Anyone” in 2010. Here he posted naked photographs and personal information from many people. Hunter Moore did this horrendous work without their consent. Hunter Moore, because of his efforts, became a god-like character on the Internet. He called himself a “professional life destroyer.”

Netflix’s new documentary reveals that Hunter Moore had a bad experience with the wrong victim. The Most Hated Man on the Internet depicts Hunter Moore’s destruction of so many lives. But, this time Charlotte Laws (a victim’s mom) decided to punish Moore for all his bad deeds. Charlotte Laws helped to bring down Moore’s mountain of horrible deeds in just two years.

The documentary features an interview with victim women who were traumatized due to the website, Is Anyone Up. In the film, Is Anything Up is not only shown as a site, but it is also shown as a community. Hunter Moore’s supporters continue to humiliate victims through social media and in real-life.

Hunter Moore What’s Happened?

Hunter Moore noted that victims’ angry ex-boyfriends sent all of his photos to the website. His website was ended when he posted pictures of Kayla, an actress and waitress, according the Netflix documentary.

Kayla Law stated to Charlotte Laws that these photos had never been sent to anyone except that she emailed the photos. Charlotte Laws believed her daughter. She began gathering information on the matter. You can read the Most Hated Men on the Internet imdb for more details.

She gathered evidence from more forty victims and all of them said they had never sent any photos. Email hacking allowed all of their photos to be leaked. Charlotte shared all this information with the FBI. Hunter Moore was arrested and charged in Netflix’s documentary.


Hunter Moore was convicted in November 2015 and sentenced for two years, six months imprisonment. He was also fined $2,000. For more information about Hunter Moore click here –. It’s amazing to see that The Most Hated Man on the Internet Imdb rating stands at seven.

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