Esports betting is a relatively new thing in the gambling community. Nevertheless, it has got a huge army of fans worldwide. You can be part of it if you feel like it.

While esports betting focuses on people who play video games, it’s about much more than that. Esports bookmakers try to maintain the optimal level of integrity in the industry, making it even more open to investors, event organizers, and game developers. That’s part of how the esports industry reached such a massive niche in the world of online gambling.

Before you pick the game and place your first bet, you should gain a clear understanding of esports betting. Let’s see the most important things about the given sector.

Esports Games to Bet On

The world of competitive esports keeps growing and developing. It may outweigh normal video gameplay in future prospects. The variety of games being played online is impressive. Moreover, it is perfect for betting activities. Many of these games have signed great deals with sportsbooks and bookmakers to allow betting on the game outcomes. Top games include:

·         CS:GO

·         LoL

·         Overwatch

·         Dota 2

·         PUBG

·         Call Of Duty, etc.

The list of top games can be expanded. This means that gamblers have more than enough options to choose from. If you already have your favorite, you can try to make a profit by betting on it.

Esports Betting Payouts

Deposits and withdrawals are significant elements of esport betting. To place a bet, you need to deposit some money first. To enjoy your winnings, you need to cash them out. In both cases, speed has a direct impact on your activities.

Events don’t last long. The gap between matches happens to be short. So you can’t miss an extra minute to nail down the best possible result. Please mind that you can’t bet on consecutive phases of an event if your bookmaker can’t process your deposits quickly.

You can’t be a winner unless you withdraw money from your bookmaker’s account. This shouldn’t take days, weeks, or months to be able to use your winnings. Wagering requirements can’t be ignored as well. Pick a bookmaker like with the most adequate policies so you can earn and use your funds in the most convenient way.

Generous Bonus Features

All major esports bookmakers come up with one or two types of bonuses. This way, they try to stay relevant and attractive to the gambling community. Traditionally, there are welcome offers, daily and monthly promos, loyalty campaigns, and other bonus features. While they can be hard to cash out due to wagering requirements, they still serve as a great financial booster. After all, generous bonus features can optimize your betting experience. That matters the most!

Esports Betting Apps

Esports betting depends on sportsbooks and bookmakers you decide to register with. For more convenience, you can use a mobile app. It will allow you to deposit money, place bets, and make withdrawals whenever you feel like it.

In fact, there are two types of apps to download and install. Various websites provide dedicated smartphone apps for both Android and iOS devices. Most of them are free for public use. Stats-crawling apps have also become popular in the betting community. Most of them involve a broad collection of games, teams, players, and events. They also have diverse features which address a constant flow of esports-related news. If your mobile device is your major browsing device, you should make the right choice. Pay attention to all the characteristics. Make sure that you are comfortable with them.

What to Avoid When Betting on eSports

Esports betting is a risky affair. It must be taken seriously. If not, all money spent on it will disappear in a second. You surely don’t want this to happen to you.

Most gamblers consider small events for betting. And this is where they lose. Small events involve small rewards which are not worth betting on. So you should explore massive esports events with many participants as it offers more betting opportunities and better winning chances.

Gamblers should avoid large money line odds. The payouts can be huge if the favorite doesn’t win the tournament. Thus, you shouldn’t consider the favorite as a smart decision. Try to view the betting market from a broader perspective.