The rapid development of computer technology and the current pandemic situation have given a strong boost to the demand and popularity of online entertainment, as well as online casinos directly. While previously land-based establishments competed strongly with virtual platforms, today the situation is reversed, with online casinos showing greater growth in profitability and attendance. There are plenty of reasons for this, in the list of which the emergence of casino Bitcoin, the acceptance of digital currency, as well as access to real-time gambling when the user enters the atmosphere of a real gaming room with a live dealer. What innovative solutions are online casinos incorporating into their functionality to attract customers? It is worth considering this question in more detail.


Due to the growing popularity and demand for online casinos, developers aim to conquer the audience by offering advanced functionality, comfortable gaming conditions and high-quality service. For this purpose, new technologies are used to integrate innovative solutions:

  • real-money slots with bets on different types of cryptocurrency;
  • VR-technologies, transferring the player to a casino prototype, with the possibility to move around the halls, interact with the machines;
  • creation of mobile applications – for gambling entertainment anywhere and anytime.
  • improvement of the security system to protect the personal data of registered users.

Security and anonymity deserve special attention, for which advanced technologies and solutions are used, which should be carefully considered.


The demand for virtual gambling has become a factor in the emergence of various fraudulent sites that aim to deceive players and steal confidential information – mainly from the financial sector.

To rule out any fraudulent payment transactions and user data, honest sites such as use blockchain technology. Its main advantages are transparency and operational security thanks to distributed storage across multiple devices in sequential blocks. This ensures that information cannot be altered or influenced in any way, but is easily verified as it is publicly available to all participants in the chain.

What good is Blockchain? Crypto casino games, which accept digital currency, have a number of visible advantages:

  • no borders – you can pay with cryptocurrency from any country, even if there is a ban on gambling;
  • anonymity – wallets with digital money are completely confidential and do not allow the owner’s name to be traced;
  • exclusion of control – financial institutions such as banks and security services are unable to detect transfers;
  • speed of transactions – due to the absence of intermediaries, delays in the execution of operations are minimised;
  • for the same reason there is no or minimal commission for transfers.


Recently, more and more online casinos have emerged offering digital currency as an alternative to fiat. However, it is only possible to incorporate blockchain technology if the site only aims to accept digital units. As a rule, in such establishments you can pay not one, but several of the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, Stellar.

Such settlements are both beneficial for players and casino owners:

  • players protect their investments and remain anonymous; they can play online slots from anywhere in the world without blocking or tracking funds;
  • the casino attracts progressive customers, improves reputation and user loyalty.

Smart contracts are available to run slots, participate in live casino, card tables and roulette. Gaming software is no different from regular slot machines, with the same features, rules and payments. Given that it is almost impossible to interfere with a payment transaction, both parties are insured against third-party interference and theft of funds.