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Dear readers, In this article, I will be sharing my views about a french science fiction action movie.

Dear readers! The Fifth Element 25TH Anniversary Showtimes is the film released on May 7, 1997 in France. It has now completed its 25-year anniversary in May 2022. The audience could view the science-fiction film in action on May 9, 2022 at the United States. This project was completed in 20 years and nominated to the 8th Cesar Award.

Short description of the movie

The film had a budget of 90 million dollars. The box office collections were 263.9 million. The film, which was directed by Luc Besson, was ranked among the top films in the world. With a new teaser video, the film will be shown again to its fans on June 26, 29 and 29, 2022.

HTML5_ 25TH Anniversary Showtimes

This film will return to theaters on June 26th and 29th 2022. Tickets for the event, which lasts approximately two hours and ten minutes, are now on sale.

You can order tickets online to the June 29 Show if you are interested in this film.

You will receive your ticket with the show times and other information. You can search for the film in the name field. Then, enter your Zip Code to view the shows that are available at their location.

Historical Background HTML5_ The Fifth Element, 25TH Anniversary Showtimes

The film was about life saving and its application in the twenty th century. The film was a success because the elements were so realistic, the audience could not reject it.

Robert Mark Kamen wrote the script and Besson adapted it. The roles of Gary Leonard, Walter Bruce Willis and Milla Johanna Jovovich as Korben Dallas (Cab Driver), were fantastic. The actor joins forces to find the mystical stones needed to save the planet from a bad cosmetic entity.

The Fifth Element 25TH Anniversary Showtimes was filmed by London and Mauritania.


Q.1 This award was presented to the Fifth Element from Germany.

A.1 For sleeping more than 3,000,000 tickets, the Goldene Leinwand award was given to the film.

Q.2 How many of the tiny elements from comics were used to make this film?

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The film that was the best of its time will be in theaters June 29, 2022. Book your tickets to see the film again. Find out more about tickets using one click by clicking the link below.

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