The Essentials To Prepare for Sports This Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and for many people, that does not mean taking your foot off the gas in terms of fitness. Winter hibernation isn’t an option, and why should it be when there is still so much fun to be had outside?

To tackle the Winter, comfortable sportswear resistant to cold, wind and humidity is essential in allowing you to continue. It’s all about adopting layers of clothing to insulate yourself from the cold, which means plenty of hats, gloves, socks, and jackets. What should you prioritise, and how do you prepare? Read on to find the best winter essentials you need to endure your sport in the cold weather times.

Consider The Extremities

It’s easy enough to get your layers pinned down, but investing in the right head, hands, and feet coverings is vital too! It’s also important to keep your activity in mind when choosing pieces of clothing. 

If you need dexterity in your hands, you may want to opt for a streamlined, grippy glove that will keep both your hands warm but effective at doing your chosen sport too. Or, if being quick and nimble is needed, avoid the hugely thick socks and get a thin sports pair. It all depends on what you intend to use them for.

Let’s start with the head. Snoods are fantastic pieces of clothing to cover up your neck and face. They come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for running when you don’t want the flimsiness of a scarf around your neck. You can even find amazing fully custom snoods so that you can represent your local or favourite club.

In the way of gloves, some sports gloves will work brilliantly in keeping your hands warm and dry and provide grip so that you can handle any ball, handle, you name it, with ease. These are typically better than your standard woolly gloves, as they will keep your hands dry when it rains and not soak up the moisture.

As for the rest of your body, you will get away with the box of standard hats and socks to keep you warm for most sports. Again, it’s worth looking for water-resistant options in the event of those horrible wet nights.

Layering Up

It’s no mystery that layering up is your best friend in the cold weather. You can avoid looking and moving like a snowman by layering up more appropriately with the right clothing. When layering, you will want to consider a rule of three: base layer, middle layer, and outer layer.

Your base layer is your inner moisture-wicking layer. It should fit perfectly snug to your body but still with enough room to allow you to breathe with ease. Materials like wool or Thermax are great options to look out for. Cotton not so much; it can trap moisture and make you feel colder faster, which is never a good thing – so best avoid it. Base layers tend to come in different weight classes, so depending on your sport, choose wisely what might provide you with the most effectiveness.

Your middle layer is the insulation layer. It should be significantly looser than your base layer so that it can fit over it, but not TOO loose that it is very baggy. These two layers work together to trap the heat to keep you warm. Any fleece or woollen material makes a great middle layer.

The outer layer is your windbreaker (or for rain and snow). It’s designed to stop harsh weather conditions from getting through to you under layers. Materials like GORE-TEX or any wind/water resistant fabrics are perfect. Look for jackets with good ventilation, too; you don’t want to get stuffy on humid nights. If done right, your layers should keep you warm and dry during the cold weather sports.

The best part of this layering technique is that it’s flexible when you wear it. If you’re too hot, peel back a layer or two and vice versa. Investing in a good hold-all that will carry all your layers is worth considering.

In Summary

For many, Winter causes many people to decline in physical exertion due to the harsh weather, but this can change. Winter can be just as good as Summer’s physical activities; you must learn how to live with it. That means researching and investing in good quality clothing that keeps you warm and happy in participating in your chosen sport.

So, follow the simple rule of three and layer yourself up to get out there!