Product photography is an integral part of any online store’s marketing strategy, but it can be challenging to achieve the desired results. 

An experienced product photographer knows how to deal with product images. But, for a newbie photographer, it is very challenging. 

This article offers tips on how to improve your product photography and boost your conversion rate. By following these tips, you can produce high-quality images that capture the attention of potential buyers.

Ensure enough lighting

One of the most critical aspects of product photography is having the proper lighting. If you don’t have enough light, your photos will be dark and difficult to see.

 You’ll have to use higher ISO settings to get a good image. On the other hand, too much light can create harsh shadows and make it difficult to capture detail in your photos.

While using lighting for your product photography, you have two options: natural, artificial, or studio light. Natural light is the best option if you can utilize it ideally. 

But, it could be challenging to capture a perfect product photoshoot using natural lighting. You must have patience and wait for the right moment to take pictures. In addition, you don’t have much control over this lighting source.

Alternatively, you can use studio lighting for photography. In recent years, using a lightbox during photography has been rapidly increasing. 

Whether you use natural or studio lighting, ensure you have enough lighting to capture photos. If you make any mistake, it may ruin your efforts. 

Use a Tripod

Using a tripod for product photography can be incredibly important for capturing high-quality images that are accurate and consistent. 

In addition, using a tripod ensures that your images are consistently level, which can help improve your photos’ overall look and feel. 

Additionally, using a tripod can help to reduce the chances of camera shaking, which can improve image quality.

There are various types of tripods available in the market. Depending on your camera and budget, you may pick anyone suitable for you. This expenditure is worthy for capturing a great photo.

Use a basic Props

Regarding product photography, using basic props can go a long way in creating visually appealing images. Not only will these props help add visual interest and dimension to your photos, but they can also be used to create accurate representations of the product.

Using familiar elements ensures that your viewers will have an easier time recognizing and interpreting your images. 

Furthermore, props can help create a more believable photo session, increasing the likelihood of success when shooting product photography.

But, you should be careful while using props in product photos. Don’t overuse these techniques. Your customer may get misguided by your more creative works.  

As e online seller, we aim to draw customers focus on specific product photos. And props should be used to create a fantastic atmosphere. 

Image Optimization

The importance of using image optimization for product photography cannot be overstated. It improves the overall look and feel of your photographs and can also help you capture more sales by increasing your images’ on-page visibility and CTR. 

eCommerce is a highly competitive business. You may need thousands of competitors to sell a product. A clean product photo with white background is more effective for showcasing product images.

But, it isn’t easy to do with camera settings. After all preparations, your product photos may need to be edited to add shadows, remove dark spots, wrinkles from product photos, and place product photos on white background.

That’s is the place you must rely on professional eCommerce product photo editing service. They know well how to deal with product photos and make them attractive. In addition, they are also conscious of image file size, which can badly affect page loading issues.

It is very crucial as it is a ranking signal. So, if you want to drive search traffic to your website, you need to fix the issues.

One more thing you need to consider is the hand-drawn clipping path. You may apply various background removing tricks, but photo clipping is the most effective. So, when you hire anyone ensure that they will provide manual clipping path service. 

Therefore, by taking advantage of various image optimization techniques, you can ensure that your images are visually appealing and effective in driving conversion rates.

Variety of shots from various angles

As a product photographer, you need to take various shots from various angles to create the most realistic images possible. 

This will help you capture the customer’s perspective and show off the product’s features in different ways. By taking various shots, you’ll be able to create better images that will entice customers to buy your product as they can see the image from various angles.

Not only that, if you wish to use a single shot, you may still take various angle shots. It is very much possible to prove that our thinking is wrong. 

If you have multiple angle shoot, you may easily pick the right one for your project. 


In conclusion, these tips can help you produce better product photography, resulting in a higher conversion rate. By ensuring enough lighting, using a tripod, and using basic props, you can create images more representative of your product. 

Applying image optimization tricks will help to reduce file size and improve page loading issues. It will enable you to keep the white background and create an appealing product photo. 

Additionally, taking various shots from different angles can help create a more vivid and realistic image. With these tips in mind, you can increase your chances of converting visitors into buyers!